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eklawokRe: New Mini Highbankers
Thanks Steve!:smile: Might have to come by and pick one up.
Steve_HerschbachRe: New Mini Highbankers
The Jobe unit is roughly equivalent with the Keene 170 highbanker or Proline 2" highbanker/combo and would easily handle 35 buckets in a day.
eklawokRe: New Mini Highbankers
How does the Jobe higbanker box compare to the Keene or Proline entry level models? I too am a first year newbie to prospecting/mining and would like to process more material than what I am doing now with a couple of hand fed Keene sluices. I am running about 30 to 35 5 gal buckets a day through them, so could the Jobe set-up handle that and then some, or should I go with the Keene or Proline models? I know that the Jobe model doesn't come with the dredging attachments, but that is ok with me for now.
Steve_HerschbachRe: New Mini Highbankers

Yup, called in with a sneezy runny nose cold today. I'd be more than happy to show you these units. The main limitation of any unit is simple. You need volume to get gold. But volume costs more and weighs more. You want to spend less and pack less, you save money but give up volume. The units work just fine. The problem you have to address is the trade-off between weight, cost, and volume. A classic mining decision if there ever was one.

I recommend that if you are prospecting you go light. You have to move a lot looking for a good place. But once you get to "mining" you need the largest setup you can afford. On one hand you are testing, on the other you are producing. The name of the game when you are mining is volume. These little units are prospecting units. They will not allow for any amount of volume and so are not suited for mining.

If you have no particular place to go, get a prospector unit. If you have a proven good location, get the largest yard per hour system you can afford.
Fxds97Re: New Mini Highbankers
Anyone buy and or try either of these out yet? I am really considering the larger of the 2. I went to AMDS today with the little women to get the low down but everyone that I could chit chat with was out or sick. I couldnt look at one as it appears the "season" is over and they are packed away. I tend to "over buy" everything but this time I dont think I need a "top-o-line" 150lb highbanker. I want to upgrade from the classify & sluice system and want some input if anyone has some. This was first season prospection and really havent gone anywhere else than Crow, Bertha, Hope. Would these little guys do ok in these areas. I know I could overload it pretty easily but so can a sluice. Lets say going to area 2 at Crow is a bit of a hike packing a Proline HB for a 6hr session. Where as one of these little guys might do the trick and only take one trip. Just any thoughts would help. I really had my heart set on the G1 until I saw these little guys. The G1 needs a a pump that will cost as much as the Gold Buddy 1250 system and is a bit more to pack. So whats the thought.... save up for the G1 setup over the winter for next year or get Jobe highbanker box and get to work before the year is out?
Steve_HerschbachNew Mini Highbankers

I have some new lighter weight less expensive highbanker setups in stock. I put photos up with detailed decriptions on our website at http://www.akmining.com/mine/powsluice.htm Be sure to click through to see the larger pictures.

The larger of the two units is a Jobe highbanker box. But Jobe offers the unit with a cheap little made overseas pump that while it costs less is a bit scary from a parts and service standpoint. So since I am a Honda dealer we are selling the unit with a Honda WX15 pump instead. Yes, it makes the unit more expensive, but I think most would agree the Honda is a better way to go.

The little mini banker is a Gold Buddy 1250 box which usually just comes with the 12V pump. But we've added a Honda WX10 pump and hose to make a nice super portable highbanker. The legs on this unit are on the spindly side but frankly I like this unit so much I'm going to get one. I can easily carry it plus carry gas and shovel and pan etc. all in one load. Perfect for some serious pack back in prospecting.

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