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DonnyBRe: New highbanker
Hi Joe. Cool, thanks for the update. I read through every single post from beginning to end. When I saw the posts drop around Sept 2010 I thought "uh oh... maybe not selling them any more". If all goes well financially I'll be buying both this spring. I've never prospected before. Got the bug tho, and want to do a tour out west. If I'm lucky, maybe even Yukon and Alaska. Thanks again for your reply. Much appreciated :smile:.
JOE_S_INDYRe: New highbanker

I couldn't be happier with mine.

Just like any other highbanker of the same rough width, anything larger than a shovel in operation would have to be looked at to see if too much material would flood the box.

Not usually a problem when I shovel all day into one. Half shovel fullís for an hour or two at a clean-up. Slow and easy wins the race every time.

I pan out every 'classification cut' by hand until the Gold just gets too small - and then the S-1 takes over. After that a Neo Magnet clears out the Magnetite, Hematite and Ferro Platinum (to be panned separately) - leaving just a small chore to pan out the smallist stuff.

DonnyBRe: New highbanker
I hope I'm using the right "Reply" button here! If not, I'm sorry. It's been about 16 months since anyone's made any posts about the G1/S1. Any more reviews? Anyone have anything to add, pro or con, regarding this system? Has anything better come out in the last 16 months? :confused:
LipCaRe: Matt---
somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed!
My brother (Cal--- & a Minelab dealer) and I (Colorado) are retiring over the next 18 months and are looking for someone in NZ or Australia interested in hooking up for a 90-day (the limits of our visas!) prospecting [mostly armed with GPX5000's] adventure in either NZ or WA. Would you know of anyone capable of ditching normal for 3 months?
jjbondRe: New highbanker
Prototype G-1 for sale, see this link.


kringle_miningRe: New highbanker
Hey Charlene, Did you take off to the lower 48 yet?
charlene91Re: New highbanker
hi you all you all sound like a lot of WHINERS looking for a free ride well in the real world you get what you pay for and if you donot like what is out there then make what you think would be better if not then shut up
DanBrunnerRe: New highbanker
Thats just a 1hp trash pump from harbor freight. I believe its around 750 watts or so. Runs great on my Honda 2000i generator when i'm up in the hills. Its a super quiet setup for stealth operations. :smile:
QuartzvilleMinerRe: New highbanker
Now what I'm seeing looks like your machine (g-1) is setup in your shop/garage as a recycling system. Perfect! Question is what kind/size/volume electric pump are you using for this? I can see you plugged into the wall so I'm figuring it's 110v.

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