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pelukRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)
I should add this.My favorite Astoturf works very well in a cleanup sluice for cons or for cleaning raw sand screened to the same size as the cons.At production speed in a highbanker it will become laden with heavy black and red sand and choke.

I'd like to see this Cube fed cons with the predominant gold size already established from panning and the cons screened down to that size or nearly.The next step down would be raw sand screened to a much smaller size closer to the size of the predominant gold expected.

That might improve its performance and the performance of this roughtop conveyor material.
pelukRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)
Baub,in any of the videos shown,feed rate was one trowel or scoop spread out on the feed tray every 3-6 seconds from bucket to tray.Later videos showed the trowel load being spread out carefully back and forth just as I've found is most practical for the LeTrap.It would also give the impression the unit can be choked as can the LeTrap.

Looking at the material I had intended to feed the Cube,I don't see much similarity between it and what came from the creek bottom.Nobody has offered to run any of this material in their own Cube so I am doubtful this is going to be an improvement on beach material....cons or raw.

I watched a boilbox setup on the beach here and it did not work.It was running raw sand however.
baubRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)
Thanks Joe. I'de seen that video, but couldnt remember the figures they came up with. Has anyone been able to match that ?

JOE_S_INDYRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)
They have a video on UTube, streamside outside Denver, with "1,000 pounds of material". Took a little over an hour to work that minus #8 down to 1 pound or so. (I'm not sure if that material was black sand concentrates or just classified bank run.)

"Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear". "Results may vary". "Closed highway with professional drivers".

My thinking - at even 50% of that - 500:1 in an hour - that's mighty fine performance.

:smile: :smile: :smile:


baubRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)
What is the practical feed limits for this device? I hear conflicting reports.

cubsquealRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)

I probably shouldn't have used the terms "front" and "back". (I'm not too bright mechanically.) I was trying to emphasize the 2-phase result when feeding the unit. I should let the Gold Cube website describe the landing places of the different components in the concentrates. The diagram on the upper right: http://www.goldcube.net/#/how-it-works/4545153185

Anyway, running the device really looked like fun! Kind of like a form of mental therapy....
pelukRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)
Cub,"back" and "front" positions on the tray leave me puzzled.Do you mean the upslope end when you refer to "back" of the tray?

The speed of the column of water shooting up out of the boilbox area needs watching/adjustment.It could be that at some speeds it will dump it's contents on the upslope end letting the trailing gold coast over it to settle further downslope.I'm putting this together from user comments.This is where the designer added a comment about pump capacity limitations.

One user stated that scoops dropped in a
clump could overwhelm the Cube.This was observed when flake would pause,move slowly forward then spring ahead riding over collected material.This was remedied by feeding with a spoon more slowly.That could probably be translated to a trowel which would allow material to be sprinkled as opposed to being "clumped" on the surface.
A video showed a woman feeding it more gradually at one point.Another video showed water squirting out the seams when fed what looked like a silt laden mix.Precautions were also given for clay rich material.
cubsquealRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)

I forgot to mention that while demonstrating his unit, Mr. Pung emphasized that when the scooped concentrates were placed on the device, the lighter material was blown through first and landed near the back of the next tray. The heavier concentrates then went through and landed in the front area of the (next) tray. So he described kind of 2-phases-per-feed situation. I was sort of curious how continuous feed would impact the procedure.

The 1.6 oz. of gold shown in the exhibited photo appeared as a sheet of gold that looked to cover about a 3-4" tray-wide stretch on the front section of the 2nd tray.
pelukRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)
That was a lot of reading Cub but it answered all my questions.There was an interesting point about dry areas found in the vortex mat while running.The manufacturer of the Cube states the trays should be flipped over in the water prior to assembly thus assuring the entire surface of each mat is wet.I've found the same advice to be handy with ribbed rubber mat.I usually just turn on the water and use a tooth brush or similar to go over the mats in a sluice prior to adding concentrates.

The source for similar matting has been noted also.Thanks again.I am really a 'Johny come lately' on this discussion but I'm up to speed now.
JOE_S_INDYRe: Quantum leap? (Gold Cube)
Hey Randy!

As to a comparison between a Cube and a Le' Trap - well ....

A Le' Trap is an in stream sluice which works better (as with any in stream sluice) if you pre classify the input material. It can (of course) be used for concentrating high volumes of concentrates to "super concentrates" as any in stream sluice could. If you push a 'trap' with too high a feed rate - it will hemmorage profits downstream.

A Cube is, specifically, a higher speed concentrator, and not a primary recovery unit. It's shining feature is to quickly reduce high volumes of concentrates to a very small volume using recirculated (and not in-stream) water --- (although well regulated pressure and volume of water is certainly not dependent on recirculation).

The Cube is not a High Banker or a sluice - although some owners have to tried to ask it to do just that work through minus #8 classifying and feeding those bank run materials through it. Mike and Red have used on site classified bank run to demonstrate the unit on UTube - possibly creating that illusion. Can it be done - yes - but not as efficiently as running sluice or dredge concentrates.

Now, owning a number of Le' Traps and having studied every word and pixle of video about the Cube on the net - I guess I would say:

Very different type tools,

Different max or normal feed rates,

Very different water requirements,

Same general end result but with a vast disparity in processing rates (= time needed to work down concentrates).

The only thing I can't comment on just yet are specific recovery loss rates for the Cube. Based on others the losses should be the same or a little less than I observed with slow and very careful use of the Le' Trap.

If you 'ramp up' a 'Trap' to even a fraction of 'Cube' feed rates (and I have seen that done) then everything blows through the 'Trap'.


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