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bmanRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?
Hello steppegold, I was told on another blog to join Alaska Gold Forum and look for your method of Iodine leaching for gold. I can't find your method, could you post it again if you get the time.
Thanks much
baubRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?

I'm just going over the posts I missed while out West getting dirty. Could you give me some more info about what you want? My memory is getting a little shaky.


riqsonRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?
Baub, if possible seend-me a article "revolving gold pocket creator'' ,will be great !
eklawokRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?
How about blood, sweat, and tears?:devil:
Gold_FinderRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?
Thanks Jim,
Just what I was looking for.
Jim_AlaskaRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?
Gold Finder, try this:
Gold_FinderRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?
I am looking for the article of Leaching with the tincture of iodine method and Vitamine C (asorbic acid) I need some help with this! did many searches on the forum but can't find it.:confused:

warleadRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?
What about (or did I miss them?):


solvent extraction using Butyl Diglyme

itsnews1Re: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?

I am a new user to this forum and find it quite interesting. I am an American living in the Philippines and former Alaska resident (Palmer, Wasila). I am doing research to find the best method for high extraction of gold from ore found here in the PI. All small scale minors here use either the mercury then cyanide method or the cyanide/carbon method. All mills here are pretty much hand made from local materials. I am very interested in understanding which method is the best to try here. I am expecting that because everything is low tech here, that introducing some technology may return a higher net gold.
I have been researching centrifuge's like Falcons etc. Also the wave tables look promising. In you post on 75 ways to recover gold, you mention that you will have the article posted somewhere. Is this article available now? I would certainly like to research the different methods to see what can be utilized. I am hoping that newer technology could be used to get the Filipino miners away from chemicals if we can equal or increase the return.

Thank you in advance

baubRe: Only 75 Ways to Recover Gold?
Here's another idea that came from Hal Farmer of Australia and was published in the Popular Mining Mag of the 80's and 90's.
It's a 10.5 in by 3 foot pvc trommel with 3/8s holes and bands of miners moss secured around it. This trommel sits above a catch tank and when the machine is in operation, centrifical force drives the heavies outward and into and thru the moss to be captured both by the moss and below by the tank. The m/moss is removable for cleanup. Moss is installed rough side inward and is fastened with fabricated metal pieces on the ends. The drive appears to be conventional trommel construction. There's a couple of pix.
The whole article is called "A Revolving Gold Pocket Creator" and is in Vol 5 of the Popular Mining Encyclopedia sold by Action Mining, page 63. I bought the series a few years ago for about $150 and have never regretted it.
Hal passed away a few years ago and was quite a character. He wrote a lot of articles for the mag and peppered them with mildly racy cartoons with mining themes. Most of his ideas dealt with universal mining problems and his Aussie style solutions.
I would be glad to copy and send this info via snail mail as I, alas, do not have a scanner. baub

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