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kavemanRe: Finally tried Dan's sluice
I like the flexibility of these boxes. You can set them up in just about any configuration and make them work. I've used Dan's cleanup sluice and highbanker so far. I've got several of those open-ended sluices also, but haven't had an opportunity to run one yet. Only thing I'd like to see changed would be a small slickplate feedpan at the front end, but feeding diectly on the apron might work well enough.
AceHandFinally tried Dan's sluice
Finally got to the hills and tried out Dan't sluice. I know, there isn't much gold but that's common for around here. This is a long ways from a scientific test. You all know the variables that surely affected the run.
First pic is the set-up. Raw creekbed material into my just-made 1/4" apron screen. Shovelfull at a time. Tried not to overfeed, but still ran fairly fast. Funnelled all material from Dan't right into a Gold King w/ miners moss. Results were similar after 2 runs, about 2 or 3 hours long, and gold was mixed together for the pics.
2nd pic is combined gold for Dan's.
3rd pic is combined gold for the back-up sluice.
4th is that apron screen.

I thought it did well considering, the creek influences much of my sluice set-up, and the skill level of the operator(lol). 3 of us on the trip used double sluice set-ups. I like that approach. Since I can't control the variables like I can with the recirculator at home, no sluice is gonna get it all in the field. I ain't gonna spend half the day gettin the sluice set just right then feed slowly. 1 guy probably got a little more gold than me. He uses a flare screen that's similar to mine. That apron screen's a time and backsaver. Legs on each side hold it an inch or so above the apron so there's no radical surging of the water.
Good Luck,

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