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chadjensen1Re: Cleanup Sluice from DanfromNY
yeah I was talking about his other sluices that you have pictures of. So I guess I will be waiting until fall. Oh well. that is life. thanks
kavemanRe: Cleanup Sluice from DanfromNY
In the past he's always been pretty much unavailable during the summer.

I don't think you'll want one of these narrow cleanup sluices for a primary concentrator. It needs to be fed at the spoonful-at-a-time level, but the wider 18" highbanker box would be excellent. The longer creek sluices might also work. The slots are too small in the cleanup sluice to run 1/4"+ and they don't seem to have the capacity to handle bankrun.
chadjensen1Re: Cleanup Sluice from DanfromNY
awesome. i am looking for a plastic sluice to use on my trommel as my primary consentrator. I talked to dan before he left for ak and didn't have the money right then to get one. I am in a better spot and would like to know if I need to wait until october when he comes down to the lower 48 or if he is still selling them by mail order? Thanks
Chad Jensen
AceHandRe: Cleanup Sluice from DanfromNY
Good job, very KISS and quite effective.
kavemanCleanup Sluice from DanfromNY
We had about 300# of fairly low-grade concentrates to run through and nothing handy to process them with, so we tossed something together and it worked fairly well. I have a bunch of these small cleanup sluices from DanfromNY but needed to figure out a quick way to set one up.





What I came up with is very simple and easily adjustable. Two pieces of 2x4 scrap, a few pieces of cut-off rebar and some drywall screws. I drilled 3/4" holes about 3/4 of the way through both ends of both 2x4's for the rebar legs. The sluice is screwed into the 2x4's from below as is the hose nozzle. The 2x4's are pocketed over the four rebar legs which are pounded into the ground with a 3# sledge. You can set the slope and level the sluice from side to side using the sledge and a spirit level, or just run the water to get it flowing the way you like. Easily and quickly adjustable(if only in a downward direction). You can make the legs as long as you like for feeding while standing or sitting and you can make them from whatever material you have available. Ours was very stable. You can easily run from a hose as we did, or catch your water and recirculate.

The sluice worked quite well. Took some effort to convince my dad that feeding concentrates was different than feeding bankrun(he wanted to just shovel it in)and we should have screened to at least 1/8" if not finer. 1/4" pebbles tended to stick in the small slots of the sluice. We were working very fine, flakey gold with plenty of dust in it and we saw gold all the way to the end of the sluice and some in the tails, but this was a quick set-up and an even quicker run through. I'm sure we could set the sluice and screen the material for excellent recovery. The sluice has a nice slickplate feed area at the head. We're using gravity flow water from the gulch above camp. A regular garden hose would be able to supply a bit more water for washing.

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