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tenderfootminerRe: Project area.
Bill that nugget was found on my claim in a old pile with a detector years ago (before I owned them) the guy is a buddy of mine and he picked up 2 nice ones that day! He always buys the beer when he stops by now :devil:
kringle_miningRe: Project area.
That must of been one good beer
tenderfootminerRe: Project area.
just thought I would post some old pics from the mine
tenderfootminerRe: Project area.
an interesting read a forum member pointed out to me! :welcome: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/mining/pubs/pdfs/460.pdf
tenderfootminerRe: Project area.
dan plenty of spots with color. with easy access where are you located? banner and tenderfoot creek both have easy access stop by or drop me a line at goldman49@rocketmail.com:welcome:
dan12Re: Project area.
Hi Walt, Been following this thread for some time and it's a goldmine of info in itself. Great Job! Looking for a place to break in my 3" highbanker this summer - weekends since I have that work thing in the way. Have anything 4-wheel drive truck accessible with good color?
tenderfootminerRe: Project area.
any fellow forum members looking for a place to play this summer I still have banner creek claims and others. make ya a deal ya can't refuse :welcome: weekend warriors or full timers all welcome. All ages and walks of life can have fun looking for the "golden" rocks
tenderfootminerRe: Project area.
well hmmm...was just contacted by a couple of fellow miners about working my up north claims.Man too many projects at once :devil:guess I need to go trim up the airstrip and start haulin fuel "sigh"
tenderfootminerRe: Project area.
thanks Lanny I enjoy your posts as well wish I had your flair for writing :welcome:
Lanny_in_ABRe: Project area.
What a great, fun thread! Well done.

All the best,


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