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kringle_miningRe: Baby pink garnet Martian Rock type- float
Thanks wiz the gemmies are not eclogite or kimberlite
When I puverized the rock and panned it, there was visible gold.
Kind of a let down

(The nearest diamond find is in upper clums fk. volcano search the BLM database)
Which is about 6 miles Northwest of this claim block

Clums Fork Diamond Prospect

kringle_miningRe: Baby pink garnet Martian Rock type- float
Still looking for an investor with mining equipment.
Coeur_D_AleneRe: Baby pink garnet Martian Rock type- float
Hi Bill: You wanted some skarn models eh? Didn't half of siberia ram up under alaska ? LOL Here's an intresting link I spent a couple hours reading the very last paragraph is a thinker.


:smile: V
kringle_miningRe: Baby pink garnet Martian Rock type- float
For kripesake you are correct sir!:smile:
This skarn (endo) is only but an accumlation of about 30 lbs of rock from the dredge face.
I was amped about finding it because it had the Martian rock appearance of eclogite from a diamond pipe model.

Imagine my chagrin when I sent the rock material through the rock crusher for to sample the mineral grains and found that the rock had visible gold in it:confused:
Guess I was just not cut out to be a diamond hunter.

So now we are in the skarn model thought process.
kripe2Re: Baby pink garnet Martian Rock type- float
Looks like skarn. Skarn may be associated with gold.
kringle_miningRe: Sugar Daddy File: Miner found/ negotiating
Thanks dredger,
Ambre the black rock is a dike rock called a basalt or basalt porphyry considering the phenocryst of olivine
I will go back and edit in the answers.
dredgerRe: Sugar Daddy File: Miner found/ negotiating
Great stuff guys,:smile:.
aumbreRe: Dark dike rock and white rock.
Has the dark dike rock also been metamorphosed? What is its mineral composition? What is its significance to a potential ore deposit?
Next sample, please...

I was assuming that the white rock was a piece of vein rock containing quartz, spar, iron, and some common dark mineral associated with iron of which there are many possibilities that would be hard to identify from the photo.
I canít see a black vein within the rock, more like areas of higher concentration within a non- homogenous rock.
Are thinking that this rock comes from an intrusion? What is it and what is its relation to a potential ore deposit?

kringle_miningRe: Baby pink garnet Martian Rock type- float
Igneous dikes fill fissures as well. This is not a vein rock, but a dike rock
aumbreRe: Dark Dike Rock
Verrrrry interesting.... please excuse me if it seems like Iím always jumping the gun to conclusions. Starting with a couple of hints Iíll leap to a deposit model, research that a little and try to make the geology fit my theory.
Iíve never received any instruction on geology, mineralogy, chemistry, etc., just picking it up on my own a little at a time. Iím unfamiliar with these rock types so Iíve some questions on how you make some of your determinations.
Concerning photo below...
Identify the rock types
1. Clue: fissure filling, hypabyssal,

This doesnít look like any filled fissure vein that Iíve seen, usually the quartz/ calcite type with some metallic ore minerals.
The dark matrix is enclosing the distinctly rounded grey and rust colored minerals that in some cases appear to be flattened or elongated, hence my guess of gneiss.

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