Used Keene Hydromatic Jig Price Reduced to $999
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01:52:21 Thu
Jul 23 2009
Used Keene Hydromatic Jig Price Reduced to $999
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This is not so much a jig as it is a large gold pan. The original list price was $2195.00 From the Keene website at :

Keene Hydromatic Jig Model HMJ-3

HMJ3 is powered by a P103, 3 hp engine and pump. Equipped with a larger classifying hopper and adjustable flow gate.

Hydromatic Jig (Pat#4523998) now includes a self contained water pumping system, eliminating the need for a remote water supply. A fast and efficient means to recover micro fine gold, silver, platinum, scheelite, sulfides and all aeriferous metals. Can process up to four cubic yards per hour of unclassified bank run material. Operates on a combination of two basic principals of recovery."Aqueous Suspension and Linear Oscillation" the means which water is injected at the bottom of the oscillating hopper providing neutral suspension for a continuous, fast and efficient recovery. Ideal for desert placers as a secondary or primary recovery system. Can operate on as little as 10 gallons of water per minute. This portable concentrator is only a fraction of the weight of other comparable fine gold recovery systems.

Engine: 3.5 H/P Briggs
Pump: P-100 Dimensions: 60" x 33" x 41
Capacity: up to 3 yards per hour.
Weight: 215 Ibs.

Used Keene Hydromatic Jig Price Reduced to $999
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