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02:03:51 Tue
Apr 3 2012

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*divers for hire*


We are two guys that hookah-line and dive for a living. The general population doesnít understand how much endurance this line of work requires. Both hard working individuals we are equipped to handle adverse situations.


CURRENT JOB: Dive & Marine Services
POSITION: Operations Manger/ Partner
DESCRIPTION: Underwater vessel maintenance of bottom paint, props, zinc anodes, through hulls and recovery. Diving an average of 5hrs per day in 54F-62F waters. Vessels range from 20ft.-158ft.

Previous work experience:
Demo/ Construction
Bovine/ Milk Technician
Custom Field Application/ Pumping

Working with heavy machinery brings a general knowledge of mechanics. Most jobs have taught me that if you canít fix it, you arenít working until itís repaired. Iíve worked the farms of Minnesotaís freezing winters, pushed 30+ hour days sitting in tractors and still had time to go fishing. My work ethic is second to none, and that stuff is a cake walk compared to being in a wetsuit freezing your ass off all day. I have come back to the Pacific Ocean my true passion.

Iím going to cut my cliff note resume sort and save blog space. I could type for hours about the wild jobs and stuff Iíve put up with. Next to all that dredging for gold off the coast of Alaska seems like a breath of fresh air that Iím hungry for.

Iíve only included a short description of myself. There is second diver also looking to expand his horizons if the opportunity presents its self.

Thanks for your time.

18:31:49 Tue
Apr 24 2012

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Re: *divers for hire*

Get your stuff together, and go up there. That's the way it was in the oilfield boom. If you showed up sober with your seabag packed, you probably went out within 24 hours. If you got the talents you say you have, you probably can stay busy. NOW, can you make enough to live decently, and pay the bills? That's another thing.

A guy who shows up in person and ready to work is much more in need than a couple of guys who wannabe. A steady reliable hand WHO SHOWS UP EVERY DAY is worth far more than any primadonna weld/fab guy.


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