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:: :: New gold dredge head progress report
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18:12:39 Wed
May 23 2012

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New gold dredge head progress report

Materials for the first head are on the way. It will be a model to be diver or crane operated. Could be beach operated, but would require two men, definitely. Testing will start in two weeks.

Patent attorney working on his part.

I need a few beach operators who work in about three feet of water. Basically, it will be like two guys moving a post hole digger, letting it dig down, then moving it two feet. Or, if you're strong, the whole unit can be picked up by one man, and moved. Approximate weight of unit, 25#, but then add hose full of water. With a little rigging, an air hose could be added by you, and with a beach assistant, the water line could be filled with air, helping it to move, then flooding the line again on restart. It's up to you.

You will need an air compressor and a pump. A long tom would be good, as this will pull out a lot of material in a day, and running for a long time without needing to clean out will be a good thing. Also, this won't pick up anything more than 1/2" or so, so little cleanout as you operate. No need for a sluice tender. Less clog up in sluice. More material can be processed in a day, and down to a depth of three feet BY NO DIGGING OR EXCAVATION BY YOU. Less work than some other systems.

If interested, contact me now, or in the off season. Willing to grubstake guys, and take a deposit held for a poke of gold at the end if it works good and you hit a streak. Only the cost of materials will be involved this first year.

You can get the unit, and fit your hoses and pump to it, and transport it up yourself. Replacement parts will be USPS Flat Rate boxes, so service will be as fast as possible, and fairly cheap. Units are hardy, and manufacturer says several years life on major component, which has one moving part only. A few 90 degree valves, and hoses, all provided, except main air hose feed and hose from pump to venturi hookup.

Had many inquiries, but mostly from divers and vessel operators. Probably from the diverless potential of the device. Things are looking good. Arranging for a sales outlet in Nome, too. IF this works good, you'll be able to have it the first season all to yourselves. (approximately six units)

Work safe and have a good season.


05:44:23 Thu
May 24 2012

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Re: New gold dredge head progress report

No comment. Other than good luck.


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