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:: :: I met with my Lawyer 10-23-12
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23:20:40 Wed
Oct 24 2012

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I met with my Lawyer 10-23-12

I met with Mr. Spicer on 10-23-12 about my ongoing citation for pollution and pollution not having a NPDES 700PM permit.

As soon as Mr. Spicer entered his demurrer into the case, the prosecution dropped the charge of pollution brcause the Rogue River IS NOT a wild and scenic river and hasn't been since 1988 but it seems that everyone believes it is still Wild and Scenic. They dropped the charges so that that knowledge would not get out to the general public. There are people who own land along the river but they were not allowed to do anything with their property because of the W&S status of the river. If they want to push it they should be able to build now that I've opened the can of worms.

Mr. Spicer also showed me his next tactic for getting me enonerated of the charge of not having the NPDES 700PM permit. It's listed under 541 us 105 and 106 which basicly states that there is no pollution without something from the outside of the river system being introduced into the river system. I'll do a little more research and get the exact wording to post here later.
I'm still due in court on October 31st at 9:00am but again this is just to make my plea and set a date for the trial. I thank all of you for your support and well wishes.

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02:14:13 Thu
Oct 25 2012

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Re: I met with my Lawyer 10-23-12

Dude, I would be ecstatic to see governmental windbags swinging by their nuts from the yardarm over this issue, but please, PLEASE do not discuss your case & your attorney's strategy in public before you're in court.


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