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14:13:25 Sat
Apr 26 2014

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Metal Detectors; Useful Tool Or Just More "Stuff".

I posted this on the new 49'ers message forums. This event is not restricted to club members only, anyone can attend. So if you live near enough to take advantage of this seminar it would be well worth attending.

Club members and non-members alike come to Happy Camp every year to search for the elusive yellow metal (gold). Because of the recent ban on suction dredging, many have turned to other means of prospecting and mining. High banking, crevicing and panning are popular.

Many folks also bring a metal detector with them. But in talking to folks along the river I find that most people are not proficient in the use of their detector. In this respect the club has invited one of the most respected metal detectorists in the country to hold a metal detecting seminar at our office in Happy Camp on May 16, 2014 at 1:00 pm.

His name is Steve Herschbach. Steve is the former owner of Alaska Mining and Diving in Anchorage, Alaska. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of metal detecting and has “hands on” experience with just about every metal detector ever made.

Steve has not only sold many different kinds of detectors as a dealer, but has also used them and done innumerable equipment reviews on different models. Nugget shooting is his passion.

If you would like to learn about metal detecting for gold or other types of things, like jewelry or coins and would like to get the best use out of your metal detector, this is the event to attend.

Steve’s metal detecting seminar will coincide with another event the club has planned for May 16, 2014, that is a demonstration of various concentrate clean up equipment. Bring your cons, we’ll run them through the various equipment and see which clean up equipment you like best. :welcome:


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