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:: :: miner's mercury study canceled
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17:58:11 Sun
Aug 23 2009

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miner's mercury study canceled



Back in September of 2008, we announced that Public Lands for the People (PLP) was creating a special account to fund scientific studies to refute some of the garbage science being done by various government agencies. In particular, and first-off, PLP was asking for donations to help fund the study on how much, if any, mercury was being lost by a typical suction dredge. To this end, PLP, with the support of the Waldo Mining District and others, posted notices on the various internet mining forums soliciting donations for this study; which was to be conducted by two retired EPA research scientists.

Unfortunately, by the time all the details and preparations for the study were made, fall had set in and the rains had come, and the study was put-off until spring or early summer of 2009.

And then, in July (09) we received the below message from our EPA scientists:



Joe and I have decided not to do the mercury study. This decision is supported by Jerry Hobbs and Dave McCracken.

Another mercury study was done by USGS along with the BLM (Dave McCracken is working with them on this one). There is so much money and analysis being put into it we have decided to back off our study. It would not be right to spend the miners money on a study that someone else is already doing at a higher degree than we can accomplish.”

“Joe and I will continue to monitor the study being done and comment when applicable.”

Take Care,



For these and other reasons, the Mercury Study has been canceled. This brings up the question “What happens to the monies that have already been donated for the study?” The answer is simple . . . anyone wishing a refund of their donation should contact PLP at the below address and just simply request a refund. It’s as simple as that. (If possible, please state when (date) you made your donation, how it was made (i.e.; check, cash, paypal, etc.), and the amount).

OR, you can do what the Waldo Mining District has done. Waldo originally donated $300.00 towards the study. We have now instructed PLP to transfer our study donation to the PLP Legal Fund to help fight the prohibition on suction dredge mining in California.


Jerry Hobbs – President, PLP
Tom Kitchar – President, WMD


PLP C/O BH Wetherby
Science Study Funds
3700 Santa Carlotta
La Crescenta, Ca. 91214

19:54:14 Sun
Aug 23 2009

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Re: miner's mercury study canceled

I would think the miners that donated the monies would like it to be put to the practical use to fight SB670 or the other miners right issues .
I would go a step further and encourage those on this forum who haven't joined the PLP to do so as they are fighting for us and need all the money they can get to pay the lawyers fees,not too forget donations to them.

With the liberals enjoying their new found power, we need to not loose focus on the battles facing us. Another battle coming our way it the revision of the clean water Restoration act (S. 787) led by Barbara Boxer whereby ALL waters will be under government control,not just navigable ones as is now. Were so screwed if that passes (it passed the senate's Enviornment and Public Works committee 12-7 on 6-09').



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