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04:38:11 Sat
Oct 24 2009

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Thumbnail Gold of Asian Character

Ohio gasamass,
for sale ru maki offa

Needing help translating this natural Asian character
of a thumb nail collector's nugget

scale is in Millimeters
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06:45:20 Sat
Oct 24 2009

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Re: Speaking Japanese Thumbnail of Asian Character

Those are excellent photos Kringle.
Recently,I looked at some gold from Peluk Creek under a microscope given to me by Popandson.Many specimens look like rolled up gold foil.Yours are more a solid,form it appears.

It brings to mind the comment I've heard that the characteristics of the gold specimen will indicate it's origins.That means to say,even the specific creek.

Do you agree?

It would probably take into account the copper and silver content and visible influence as well.It would give the statement more credence also.

With both onshore and offshore gold specimns available here in Nome,It's worthwhile to take note of the design.

Late this Summer,I recovered just shy of 1/8 oz.of almost exclusively flake gold.It was from a highbanker's sluice runoff.
Had he taken a closer look at the shape of the specimens,he probably could have adjusted his recovery better.

This would be very critical if a claim were being worked where flat and flake were in predominance.

16:10:11 Sat
Oct 24 2009

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Re: Speaking Japanese Thumbnail of Asian Character

Hey Trick

The wires I am pretty confident were taken of a vein we were yarding out. The quartz vein center was about a 4-6" thick lense of quartz, and the rest of the breath of the vein was made of rusty clay gob and friable schist.

Thinking about Zooka's preying mantas specimen
I wonder also if to make these wire specimens if it would not require there to be a bit more silver in the alloy blend. Not that I would want a silvery nugget or a lower fineness. But silver has the ability to feather out and naturally make awsome dendrite displays. Gold does too but I wonder if most displays of dendritic gold are formed due to the frameworks crutching on silver or possibly manganese moldings.

Trick, You said specimen nuggets vs. Free nuggets?
A specimen nugget has gaunge on or within it. Is this what yo meant?

To determine creek locality yes, it can be done especially by studying mineral assemblages in the pan concentrates from which the placer gold came and also if the gold nuggets are in specimen form .

The particular placer these above nugget pics came from have a bimodel deposition meaning that the gold comes from two to three sources or lodes in place from about 4 miles out to the vein workings we are on currently.

I believe (currently) that nugget shapes and sizes depend on a couple of things of which I will miss a
few. This is a Thesis in itsself:

Rock type of the bedrocks which the extended vein complexes cross cut

Shear zone which a younger vein work might cross cut

Mineral assembage variances within differing lodes

Metaliferous zoning proximal to a pluton which creeks cross cut

Weathering acid/ base leaching and transport and abrasion of nugget from lode to placer

Alloy or fineness the tenor variances of creeks through out all of Alaska mining Districts and is documented.

Creek gradient and confluence

I got get .Heading out to OConner today to get some sampling in and a shaft started before another snow.

19:50:06 Sat
Oct 24 2009

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Re: Speaking Japanese Thumbnail of Asian Character

I hadn't considered that the accompanying minerals in the pan would be a part of pinpointing a source location.

On the backside of Anvil Mt.,I've seen gold nuggets that look like lace.There will be many of that form in the same recovery.On the other side of the hill,at the top of Dexter Creek,there will be large pickers that appear like pieces of magnetite or other black grain material but they are just gold covered in an oxide.It's really scarey panning that stuff.Only an abraded point on the specimen will indicate the gold beneath.

So,in brief,the source creek can be determined pretty accurately.

18:59:43 Sun
Oct 25 2009

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Re: Speaking Japanese Thumbnail of Asian Character

I still have your concentrates stored on the shelf trick
Mike and Michelle Spain had sent me concentrates from their claims in the Willow District on grubstake gulch.
Frank Morrison brought over concentrates from Big Eldorado Fairbanks District.
When we met I was looking at Flume Ck concentrates
off the Steese hwy.
Plus my stuff on Ottertail Ck.
Demar Ck.
Oconner ck.
and Fox ck.
It really takes time to clean these samples to ready them for a microscope.

We did have a mishap this summer when after sipping a few too many brewskis we accidentally mixed Flume Ck. gold with Ottertail gold.

Looking at the mixed gold with a microscope, most of the gold could be visibly separated into two piles . Flume gold has alot of square impressions or molds in the gold due to the gold growing along side of pyrites and scheelite cubes.

Also Flume gold has a hint of orange hue on it probably due to a hint of copper within the alloy.

On a different creek,
Big Eldorado finer gold is cemented in or on a rust/limonite gaunge. So for Frank's smaller gold recovery he had to devise a crusher to free the gold . In this case the limonite gave the gold buoancy and mobility so it allows the fines to bound over the riffles. ..hence a crusher was added.

Now a week ago Larry DeGraaf (my partner on Vixen) brought in 2 oz. of his gold that he got as a cut for selling his claim (FB086) to the miner and for monies that the miner bought from Larry.

Larry previously owned the block where it says FB086 in the picture above.

Well, You know that fine gold is a pain in the but# to clean up so there were alot of extra heavy minerals in with his fine gold .So we separated the heavies (black sand ) from the finer gold cause I need to study the mineral associations and gold comparison at that mine location. The Vixen claims are on a bench above Fox Creek .

Comparing the two locations, we have similar gold
on the finer scale and the black sands are similar but his sands are loaded with pyrite . The is no pyrite in my Vixen samples yet.

So looking at a dirty ounce of fine gold placer nuggets from the 5 creeks.

Flume Ck dirty ounce : cube molds in gold , white scheelite
polution in with finer gold . Gold is tinting orange.

Big Eldorado dirty ounce: finer gold conglometated on cements of limonite rust. No scheelite. Stibnite

Fox Ck. Fb086 dirty ounce : Two types of gold
type one bigger nuggets coming from up stream associated with pyrite. Some of the finer gold is gravity migration gold with is higher in assay, but on the down side it is way smaller almost microscopic.
(Which is a bummer for me). low in magnetite but high in exotic type minerals. Lacking Scheelite. No garnets

Vixen bench; microscopic "distilled gold" very golden yet small but a good show for the first prospect pit and sampling of two 5 gallon volumes of the pit at a depth of 5 ft. . Simliar concentrates to FB086 but lacking shoddy gold and course gold . Coarse gold is probably on bed rock. No garnets

Further up Fox Creek towards the head waters gold is associated with scheelite

Sugar Daddy cons. on Ottertail . High magnetite, black sands yes but redder sands of micro garnet,
con minerals include stibnite, hematite. Other

Not all the gold on this creek is in wire form. There are migrational shods and rounded course nuggets which show gold in potential Lode of Qtz Vein.
Distilled gold is also present
Alot of my flat gold appears to be schist foliated derived meaning that it forms infoliation or in plane withing the schist....still associated with hydrothermal deposition though.

Point is the pollution in and around your gold may be used to define a lode source or back track gold to its source creek
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