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:: :: Missing dredge pump Petersville Rd.
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23:13:13 Mon
Jul 13 2009

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Missing dredge pump Petersville Rd.

Saw this on the Alaska Craigslist.


My husband and our young son left to use our new gold dredge yesterday. After hitting a large pothole on the dirt portion of Petersville Road - he found a turnout and stopped to check his load, only to find the dredge had come loose from the trailer. He went back to retrieve it, only to find that someone had quickly unbolted the Honda water pump and taken it - leaving the pontoon and sluice box in the roadway.
This was my husbands dream to do this summer. He worked hard to earn the money to buy it. Stealing is wrong, and whoever took it had to know it was worth a lot of money.
If you know anything - or if you took it hoping to find the owner - please contact me. I can't bear the look of discouragement on my husbands face today.
It is a 2.5hp Honda 4 cycle engine, that was only used 1x.
Please do the right thing.
Thank you.

00:16:37 Tue
Jul 14 2009

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Re: Missing dredge pump Petersville Rd.

Wow that sucks. I was out there last Wednesday with a documentary film crew and the road wasn't bad. Also there was no traffic, except for a few 4-wheelers. Someone had tried to get into my Connex box at the mine, and stole all the carpet from my sluice.

I hate thieves.


15:16:34 Fri
Jul 17 2009

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Re: Missing dredge pump Petersville Rd.

That is a sad statement about what has become of our society. It wasn't that many years ago when in Alaska we could leave our doors unlocked and not worry much about our stuff being stolen. Civilization has arrived.

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