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:: :: Alpine streams??
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03:12:41 Thu
Aug 20 2009

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Alpine streams??

Do alpine streams in Alaska produce more gold, in other words do they produce more per square yard of material in general??? thanks

04:39:29 Thu
Aug 20 2009

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Re: Alpine streams??

I assume Alpine is at or above tree level on the area in question.

Gold will erode - move into any local drainage.

Alaska is so large that this would be hard to answer.
Yes, some area's do produce gold at the alpine level
for example would be Hatchers Pass and upper Palmer Creek areas.
The Lode mines are usually at or above 3500 feet
the miners worked both the stream up to, and found the lode mine.

They had good hardrock mines in the past. So yes, you can find gold in the local drainages, but remember, the gold has been carved and moved by the glaciation that occured approximately 50000 years ago. The same glaciers also pushed most of the gold down to the lower areas if it did not pulverise it to dust or flour gold. That said,
Bring along your fold up shovel, and gold pan, and dig in to bedrock if you are in an alpine area.

I have found very fine gold at one glacial tributary of Crow Creek about 3100 feet. At Palmer Creek above Hope on the Resurrection Creek just below the upper alpine hard rock mine I found color in every pan, Not much though.

My recommendation from experience is that most gold (Alpine) is lode gold and is found at 3200 - 4200 feet. Would like some input if it is found at a higher altitude.

Found some gold last weekend at the Rec area just below the bridge at Canyon creek, Shows the old timers didn't get it all!

Most gold found in Alaska has been found in the mature rivers and tributaries as has been documented. I really believe in finding a placer area that I am happy with and the panning/sluicing results that I get and remember to make sure you are not on someone's claim.

You can do an easy check on the area with the Alaska Las Mapper. Here is a link.


By the way,

Good Luck on Alpine Prospecting.


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    :: :: Alpine streams??

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