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Wolf set ( 19:21:14 ThuFeb 7 2013 )

Have been having trouble getting the wolves to spend much time in my bait sets. They typically run the road and mark all over on the trail near my set, but are not entering much at all. I am toying with the idea of setting a pee tree set in the trail and then setting snares along the trail for wolves spooked by the trap after a wolf sets it off. My question is, what do the wolves normally due if a trap is set on the edge of trail after being spooked by it? Do they scatter all directions or due they tend to scare to the other side of the trail. How far down the trail should I set these snares and on which side should I focus on? I have about 20 snares ready to go, and am lookin to do two of these sets which is why I want to be as precise as I can in setting the snares.
I appreciate all knowlege on this.

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Re: Wolf set ( 13:00:08 SunMar 17 2013 )

Don't set anything up seasons over. But if it wasn't over I would go in there and put a Manning or Alaskan 9 in the footprints they are leaving in the snow without disturbing anything.. They will use the same tracks over and over agian.

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Re: Wolf set ( 09:16:09 ThuMay 9 2013 )

dont know much about wolves,sorry to trouble you.

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Re: Wolf set ( 06:44:17 FriApr 24 2015 )

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