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04:56:46 Sun
Jun 27 2010

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Freda du Faur- 100 years- ascent of Aoraki

Calling all Australian female mountaineers, and men as well, to consider doing something to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the first female ascent of Mt Cook which happened on Dec 3, 1910.

The NZAC has been throwing around ideas to celebrate this anniversary . This may result in climbing camps/ instruction/ ascents/ talks- culminating in a get together on Dec 3 in Mt Cook village.

For those who have never heard of her Freda grew up on Sydneys North Shore in the late 1800s where she probably bouldered and rock climbed before spending 4 summers in Mt Cook Village where she did a phenomenal range of ascents including the first Grand Traverse of Cook, Tasman, Dampier, Lendenfeld, Malte Brun etc while wearing skirts and hobnail boots. She is buried in MAnly (Sydney) and her grave was all but forgotten and unmarked until restored in 2006.

Given that Freda is Australian it would be nice if some Aussies could get motivated and participate. I'll post more if I hear of anything official, but just people going out with the aim of repeating her ascents over those 4 years would be great. It doesnt have to be Cook. Sealy, Balls Pass, Copland Pass, Sefton, Cadogan, Aigulle Rouge, Wakefield, Nuns Veil were all easier ascents she did in that time, plus others as outlined in the following link.

17:23:13 Sun
Nov 13 2011

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Re: Freda du Faur- 100 years- ascent of Aoraki

I'm keen to participate!...although I'm definately taking my crampons and I rekon I'll leave the "climbing skirt" at home :wink:

repeating some of her ascents would be a great way to commemorate her remarkable achievements.

I'll definately be in Mt. Cook Village on Dec 3rd so if anyone is interested in joining me or has any other ideas shoot me an email:

thanks for the Post VW.
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07:19:30 Sun
Nov 27 2011

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Re: Freda du Faur- 100 years- ascent of Aoraki

Your a year to late mr dod


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