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21:04:18 Fri
Feb 13 2009

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My Final Verdict On Win7...........

.........after using win 7 beta for a while i am ready to announce my decision on weather or not to upgrade.......tada!

win 7 is a huge improvement over vista. however (imho) not enough to justify the price of an upgrade (at least for us average home users).

vista came preinstalled on the machine i am using to type this.....i downgraded to xp pro after being beaten down by too many restrictions and driver/compatibility woes. i am currently using xp pro as my primary operating and dual booting win 7.

i still prefer xp.

i like win 7

the bottom line is......don't upgrade............wait until you buy a new puter and then decide on what version you want pre installed.

that is another subject altogether, the many flavors win 7 will come in........all i can say is reserch to find out wich flavor is right for you.

p.s. i am still waiting for linux to come out in a user friendly version...have used it but still too many probs to be my os of choice.

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