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22:05:36 Sun
Aug 4 2002

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FAQ: How Do I Register For The Board?

*If you have registered for ANY of the BbBoy Boards, you are automatically registered for this board. You do not need to re-register for this board, although you will still need to post to become a member here. If this is your first time using a BbBoy board, then follow the directions below.

On the main page of the forum near the top, you'll see a "welcome" and the options to Register or Log In.

Click "Register". This will take you to a screen that allows you to register for the entire BbBoy board system. The only required items are the first four. Everything else is optional and will become part of your User Profile if you choose. You can fill out those fields at this time or wait until later.

Once you're ready to submit, click the "Register" button. You will get a confirmation screen and your password will be emailed to you.

To simplify things for you a bit, at this point you can go ahead and return to our main page:

As soon as you receive your password in email, click the Log In button. Most people should NOT check the "Cookie-less Login". WebTV users will need to and if you just seriously object to cookies, then you do have that option, however please be aware that some board functions may not work properly for you without the cookie. Enter your username and password - these are case sensitive (ie: Genie is not the same as genie). are now logged in and registered! :smile: You will not show as a member of this board until you make your first post....after that you'll show up on the members list.

If you have any problems during the registration process, you can ask questions here. Guests are allowed to post on this board so you can get help if you need it.

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02:59:51 Sat
Jan 25 2003


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Re: FAQ: How Do I Register For The Board?

Thank you very much, this should help my members and says it a lot better than I could have. Fantasy Queen

22:15:51 Thu
Sep 30 2004

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Re: FAQ: How Do I Register For The Board?

I want to become a member of the Pixel Garden Graphics Forum. How do I do that? I am a Pixeler and would love to see what all happens there.. Thanks and Huggles, Jeannine

Sending Love & Lotsa Huggles Bunches,

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