Chess Set!
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00:55:28 Fri
Jun 11 2004
Chess Set!
I was thinking about making my own chess set. I want to have identical peices on both sides. Obviously one will have a white type paint motif and the other will be, you guessed it, black paint motif. I want to use metal models and preferably from GW (Fantasy, 40k or LOTR). I don't have really any idea were to start. Any suggestion about what model to use for which chess piece would be useful. Obviously, some converting might be needed, and I am fine with that.

Here are the peices I need:

2 King
2 Queen
4 Rook (or Tower)
4 Knights
4 Bishops
16 Pawns ( I like to call them pions hehe)

Oh and the paint scheme doesn't necessairly need to be black and white if anyone has a better idea, but personnaly, I like the classical look.

Some limitations are that I need to base them all on 1' bases. I don't know how I will pull that off with the Knights.

Anywho, all suggestions welcome.


02:02:12 Fri
Jun 11 2004
Re: Chess Set!
First thing I'd suggest is upping the base sizes to 2". A 16" chessboard isnt unreasonable, especially for something you're going to put as much effort into as something like this. 8" really seems too small. I'd prolly put the pawns on 1" bases still though. Which would look fine, most chess sets dont have an equal base anyway.

As for what models to use, whoa, there's so many to choose from. You may want to come up with a theme first, the galactic struggle between good and evil in the 41'st milenium, a fanciful strole through times of chivalrous knights and damsels etc. Could use all the Bret models for that. But it'd look odd if you had a knight on horseback for the knight piece and a space marine in power armor for the king or bishop or pawn etc.

02:34:41 Fri
Jun 11 2004
Re: Chess Set!
You might want to try Space Marine versus Chaos Marine.

White = Space Marine. (Or whatever Chapter colour you want).
Black = Chaos (or whatever legion colour you want)

Use the Special characters for the rear file and normal tactical marines for the pawns.
For example, the emperor's Champion could be The Queen
The Chapter master (or equivalent) could be the king.
Assault marines could be the Bishops
Terminators could be the Rooks.

There are devastator squads, Librairian, Chaplains etc etc

Should be able to come up with something. If you play Marines yourself, use you chapter so that you make intuitive choices for the pieces.

Hope this inspires..:thumbgreen:

02:38:15 Fri
Jun 11 2004
Re: Chess Set!
make it even easier, chaos vs imperials. so pawns are mutants and guardsmen and the rest should write itself. don't restrict yourself to scale and for rooks and such you can use titans or landraiders from epic. though a obliterator as a rook would be sweet! imperial knights as landspeeders oi this is so cool!!! lots of ideas cause i don't have to do anything else!!:bricks:

06:22:58 Fri
Jun 11 2004
Re: Chess Set!
Marines: Bikers
Chaos: Daemonettes on Steeds
Tyranid: Raveners
Necron: Wraiths

Marines: (GK?)Terminators
Chaos: Terminators/Oblits
Tyranid: Zoanthrope
Necron: Destroyers

Marines: Inquistor/Chaplain
Chaos: Sorceror
Tyranid: Lictors
Necron: Flayed Ones

Marines: Librarian on Jump Pack.
Chaos: Daemonvessel
Tyranid: Warrior
Necron: Immortals

Marines: Force Commander in Power Armour, Iron Halo preferred
Chaos: Lord/Daemon Prince preferrably no stature (too big)
Tyranid: Tyrant
Necron: Lord

Marines: Marines
Chaos: Marines/whatever flavour daemons.
Tyranid: any flavour of Gaunt
Necron: Warriors

Hope I helped. I'll do more for other races some time later.


12:31:19 Fri
Jun 11 2004
Re: Chess Set!
For Fantasy:

Empire: Emperor/Elector Count
Bretonian: Duke
Chaos: Chaos Lord
Elf: Elf Prince

Empire: Tzarina
Bretonian: The Fay Enchantress
Chaos: Daemonette
Elf: Everqueen

Empire: Knight
Bretonian: Knight
Chaos: Knight
Elf: Knight

Empire: Wizard or warrior priest
Bretonian: Damsel
Chaos: Sorcereror
Elf: Wizzard

Empire: Cannon
Bretonian: Tebushet
Chaos: Hell Cannon/monstrous creature
Elf: Repeater Bolt Thrower

Empire: Any foot soldier
Bretonian: peasant
Chaos: Maurauder
Elf: Any elf infantry

19:06:20 Fri
Jun 11 2004
Re: Chess Set!
Wow, nice input guys. I like the idea of a landraider epic style, but the fantasy figs SK mentioned seem a little more , ummm, traditional. I like that. 2 inch base isn't unreasonable either. I'll definitly look into that.

Edit: Necrons could be cool too. I am surprise no one mentioned LOTR. They must have very suitable models. I'll look into that.

01:23:47 Sat
Jun 12 2004
Re: Chess Set!
i think for the traditional look the best would be bretonia
knights for well knights
peasants for pawns
i think there is a king model and a damsel for a queen is good
the for bishops your could use those friar/champion guys as for rooks i dont know what would be that good
wups just read sk's post i guess he posted these first

12:57:25 Sat
Jun 12 2004
Re: Chess Set!
Cool idea! I'd been thinking about something similar in the past, though it never got past that...

I would suggest that you have the struggle between good and evil be between the (surprise surprise!) Brets and Chaos troops!

Now since you'd want to be using bases of the same size (I figure), the use of cavalry would require a lot of converting (to make it fit on an infantry base, the horse would have to be rearing or something...), so you might want an alternative for the knights. I don't think you could get it to fit on a 1 inch base anyways.

Pawns, of course, would be infantry. The king and queen would be tough, I don't know how you could pull it off with brets... for the king I suggest converting a knight on foot with Leoncoeur's head or something like that, and for the queen I would think about using a sorceress' body with the Fay Enchantress' head (or the old Morgana's head if you can find it...). The bishops could be two damsels on foot (since men aren't raised to be sorcerers in Bretonnia)
and for the knights you could use knights on foot (they look good and fit on the infantry base nicely). The rooks would be even trickier - trebuchets are much too big... I was thinking standard bearers would be cool, either as knights on foot or peasants (I'd rather use knights myself)...

Onto Chaos now, the best for a king would have been a Daemon Prince, but since he won't fit on a 1 inch base, maybe use the new limited edition Archeon on foot model, or just any champ foot converted to look like a king (Crom the Conqueror would do the job nicely I find)...

The queen should be a sorceress, I saw someone suggest a daemonette but I feel that would be too 'weak' for a queen, you need a character to fit the role! Maybe something along the lines of a dark elf sorceress...

Bishops would be chaos sorcerers, and for knights you could use chaos warriors (the new models look especially good!)

To follow the same concept as the brets, you could use standard bearers as rooks here too, but if you want something different you could use a variety of monsters (ogres, trolls, minotaurs, etc) if you could fit them onto the base.

The pawns could be either marauders or gors, whatever you prefer!

Now, if you don't want to do an elaborate paint job and use a simple colour scheme, maybe you could use some of the following to vary from the old black and white... after all, black would kind of hide the details of your cool models...

Here are some colour schemes that I've seen in the past: Red (B) and Gold (W), Green (B) and Silver (W), Red (B) and Blue (W), Dark Silver (boltgun metal) (B) and Ivory (bleached bone) (W), etc.

Best of luck with your project, and once you finish maybe you could post a few pics for everyone to see! :spinsmile:

22:25:28 Sun
Jun 13 2004
Re: Chess Set!
My favourite idea would definitely be the 40k idea!

The classic: Orks vs. Imperial Guard

Kings: Gazghull and Commissar Yarrick
Queens: Skarboyz Nob and Stormtrooper Officer?
Bishops: Weirdboyz and Priests
Knights: Speed Freekz bikers and Rough Riders
Rooks: You could go Epic and use tanks or titans here to taste, or go with 40k scale, using Killa Cans and Sentinels.
Pawns: Slugga/Shoota Boyz and Guardsmen.

The queens are the only thing that needs questioned here.

Chess Set!
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