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Deep Space :: Other Miniature Games :: Legends of the Old West

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12:25:28 Fri
Feb 23 2007

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Legends of the Old West

Anyone else have this and would be interested in getting a campaign rolling?

I've got the books (except for Alamo) and I'm working on terrain. I still need to order some minis and of course paint them. (yes, I'm willing to do a combined order if others want to get some, too)

If anyone got the LOTOW books and decided they don't want them, I qould be interested in taking them off your hands, just let me know!


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22:35:01 Fri
Feb 23 2007

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Re: Legends of the Old West

Howdy! I've got all of the LotoW books but Showdown, a number of (still-to-be-painted) Foundry figures, a couple of Plasticville log cabins, and a box of Pegusas cacti.

For more LotoW info., you may want to join this semi-official Yahoo! group, on which the author himself sometimes posts:

These sites are pretty inspiring:

Here's a source of resin terrain:



P.S.: You could get your posses started with some 1/2 price Foundry packs from North Bay Games & Hobbies:

They don't have any pictures, so you'd have to refer to the Foundry website to figure out what each pack would contain (look under 'Victoriana'):
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