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Deep Space :: Other Miniature Games :: Hordes game anyone?

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13:19:20 Thu
May 10 2007

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Hordes game anyone?

Ok, so i still havent found anyone to play, so i was wondering if anyone from deepspace, has a hordes or warmachine army, and knows how to play and would like to have a game with me. I'm not really sure on the rules or that, so it might be a slow game with a noob. I was thinkin this weekend at fandom or somthin, a warpack boxed battle or like 350pts. Just Pm or somthing.


17:21:17 Thu
May 10 2007

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Re: Hordes game anyone?

If you are looking for players in Ottawa, I know you have a Press Ganger (Chris Hule, appologies if I've spelled it wrong) in the area, and a decent number of players. Chris has a board up at

Toronto Areas source for Warmachine and Shadowrun news and events.

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    Deep Space :: Other Miniature Games :: Hordes game anyone?

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