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Deep Space :: MiniMarine2 :: so what happened?

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13:25:34 Sun
Jan 4 2004

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so what happened?

give me the lowdown, who won, who lost, etc.. since i COULDNT BE THERE

20:03:24 Sun
Jan 4 2004

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Locara 2004

Re: so what happened?

The "Undefeatable Speed freeks" (Will&Ian) TIED for First with the "Ragging Templar" (Devon&Yao) with a score of 7.7

I'll poke my brother to put up all the stats.

The only way I know how to make myself useful is to be constantly critical.

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03:37:47 Mon
Jan 5 2004

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Re: so what happened?

I did, here

Right after I got home from it.

Anyway, my own experiances were geting whiped out in the first two games, then holding up most of the enemy in the third game, I think it went quite well.

Although, somehow I forgot the stats for mutants, and for the first game forgot that they were to 4 and had two attacks... silly me. Luckaly I remembered in time for my second game.

Andrew M


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    Deep Space :: MiniMarine2 :: so what happened?

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