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Deep Space :: Locara-Tyranids :: Long Term Planning

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01:21:46 Mon
May 17 2004

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Long Term Planning

Alright, we have Sexus under our belts, we're well ahead of the game. We're already at 10% of our goal. Great, right?
Yes and no.

In order to achieve a major victory, I believe we need 10 worlds.

To get closer to this, here is what I propose:

We're already on Olympia, and we need to have more battles against Chaos (it's a shame since most of my friends are either Imperial or Tau).

Once we finish here, we move to Hollin's World, which is a nice 7. We shouldn't take it RIGHT away, as it will anger the Eldar, and they may prove to be a helpful ally.

Next, the juiciest targets are on the other side of Locara.
This means we'll have to get through Locara, which will require only 1 40k in 40mins game (hopefully) and we have a webway through.

From there, we should proceed to Joclay Pii and mess that place up a bit. It's a 10 so it should fall in no time atoll.

From there, we have two choices, the easy way with one world to take, or the harder way with 3 worlds to take.

The easy way is to go to Placidica, an 8, and take that by storm. It's one of the easier planets to take since it's not very populated at all.

The other path will take us from Joclay Pii to Archeron Eta, a 6, to Alo, another 6, and then Alethra Omega, the final 10.

With this done, we will have 90% of our objective finished. Then it'll be crunch time for us as there are no more 'smaller' worlds left to take we'll need one civilzed planet or some such.

To make a long story, here's what I propose we do:

Hollin's World-->
Locara as a pit stop-->
Joclay Pii-->
back to Joclay Pii-->
Archeron Eta-->
Alethra Omega.

This gives us 9 planets under our belt.

This, to me, seems like the easiest course of action. So good luck to the three of us!

For the Hive Mind,

02:22:35 Tue
May 18 2004

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Re: Long Term Planning

Sounds like a great plan! The sector will be ours! One small thing tho...

The eldar will fight tooth and nail for Hollin's World. They both outnumber us, and unlike the orks or chaos... actualy seem to play games (seeing as they have also taken a world).

However... they have agreed to let us through by giving us a control percentage if we wish, making the movement much easier.

It's not like we will never be able to take it, just not when they are paying so much attention... I have heard rumours that they will be getting an 'artifacts' type of mission half way through the campaign... likely, it would be a good idea to strike when they are runing around trying to collect artifacts.


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