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Deep Space :: Locara-Tyranids :: Notice to Kermy and Punky

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01:35:03 Tue
Jun 1 2004

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Lord of Forgetting
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Notice to Kermy and Punky

We have the amazing Monkhouse taking Placidica by storm, I'm sure the massive hive fleet will make a short meal of Placidica in no time flat.
Kermit, you and I should head in the other direction. We should head towards Archeron Eta and proceed to smash that world down to bits.

That way, Monkhouse can take Placidica on his own (easily I might add with 5000+of BFG), while you and I focus our attentions on the Size 6 planet of Archeron Eta, weakening it, and hopefully be able to take it before Monkhouse finishes. When you, Monkhouse, destroy Placidica, you should join us on Archeron Eta. If we have already taken that planet, however, we will most likely have moved on to Alo.

The method to my madness is that these are 2 relatively small planets, and they are on a collision course with a weak Size 10 planet that will be crushed within our claws rather easily.

By the time our little tirade has us standing victorius over Alethra Omega we will have 7 worlds under our belt, a victory. If the Imperials have control over Regeali, Calypion, Locara, and Ferrus Secundus, this means that the eldar are fubared

All in all, I believe is rather good. We win, and step on the little pointy ears on our way to the top! ^_^


01:57:33 Tue
Jun 1 2004

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Re: Notice to Kermy and Punky

I'm likely to lay low for awhile maybe... Bill seems to be threatened by me... I mean, um, by my talking over planets.

Anyway, Placentia will fall, just, it's going to be longer than Joclay Pii...


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    Deep Space :: Locara-Tyranids :: Notice to Kermy and Punky

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