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Deep Space :: Locara-Tyranids :: Special event card

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20:08:52 Mon
Jun 14 2004

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Locara 2004
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Special event card

not nearly as cool as the last one, but oh well...

The Shadow of the Hive Mind - Punkhouse
The disruption in the warp of the approaching Hive Fleet disrupts communications and traveling to the targeted system

May be played at any time. For the next week (i.e. to noon on the 7th day) no non-Tyranid players can transfer in or out of the system you are currently on. Necrons are immune from this card.

Any ideas on how to use this well?

18:55:44 Mon
Jun 28 2004

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Locara 2004
Gahmorra 2005

Re: Special event card

With the warp way damaged off of Locara, I think that it would serve us best to dump this card on Joclaii... that would really bugger up movement for everyone in the central reaches of Locara Subsector....

Or so thinks I.


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    Deep Space :: Locara-Tyranids :: Special event card

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