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Deep Space :: Locara-Tyranids :: A small problem

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04:40:35 Fri
Jul 9 2004

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Lord of Forgetting
Locara 2004
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A small problem

I believe one of my 4000pt battles was not recorded.

I was wondering why it was taking so long to take Archeron Eta, and why we were only at 60 something percent.

I finally added up my total winnings, and realized that Archeron should be at 80.6 and not 66.3.

He forgot to count two of my hard fought battles in my mini campaign (4000pts missing) which accounts for the missing difference of 14.4ish%.

I was wondering if this was on purpose because I'm steamrolling right through my competition, or if it was just an oversight.


12:19:03 Fri
Jul 9 2004

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Locara 2004
Gahmorra 2005

Re: A small problem

Best way to deal with that, would be to simply bring it to Bill's attention. Like he said, we all make mistakes. I am sure he will rectify the situation.


05:37:40 Sun
Jul 11 2004

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Re: A small problem

Ya, I'd just bring it to his attention, he's always looked into things when I've pointed out errors before, and been quite civil about changing them. (Although, I think he has my face on his dartboard...)


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    Deep Space :: Locara-Tyranids :: A small problem

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