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Deep Space :: Battle Reports :: Blue on Blue

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04:11:09 Thu
Oct 11 2007

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Blue on Blue

Well, today I played Ebineser's Crimson Fists with my Deff Skulls.

We played a 2000 pt game, and rolled up gamma Secure and Control.

The set up looked like this: from his side and like this from mine:

Turns 1-3 were pretty anti-climactic, where the battlewagon would simply not die to two 10-man devastator squads with 4 missiles each, and his terminators refused to come out and play... that is until the killer kans got a bit close, so he knew he had to deploy them. After a round of combat or two, this is what was left: A lone Sgt with Thunderhammer surrounded by 23 orks:

he was contesting an objective (the new Big Gun dice you see in the pic) but was soon pounded to dust.

In the Ork Mek shop, things got a bit heated as my grot mob, plus a 30-man shoota mob, AND a 30-man slugga mob went up against 2 x tactical squads, the commander and the assault squad and chaplain. First, some Burninating.. flame throwers vs tightly packed Orks is NEVER good:

But then, I pulled casualties stupidly and denied myself about 15 attacks... Luckily the mob that had killed the terminator in that other pic, killed off the tac squad in the background of that pic, then rolled up a '6' to sweep into the remnants of the fighting in the mek shop. in the end, the chaplain had fled the shop, leaving a Slava, 2 shoota boyz, 3 Slugga boyz from one mob, and 15 more from the other. Slight victory to the Orks, simply for the extra victory points he did not get from killing off those 30-man mobs completely. My Boss and Nobz had one objective, while his Devastators claimed another, and the mekshop one had a 4 foot high pile of bodies on top of it, but I didn't have anyone within 6 inches and at half strength or above.

Great game, thanks Eb!

and thanks to Steel paladin for the pics.
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11:38:34 Thu
Oct 11 2007

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Re: Blue on Blue

Thank you Den! Great game as always.

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18:48:24 Thu
Oct 11 2007

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Re: Blue on Blue

I was wondering why there was a battle wagon on that table, I gotta admit that thing is awesome btw

00:36:26 Fri
Oct 12 2007

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Re: Blue on Blue

Great paint jobs! There's nothing more satisfying than two well-painted armies facing off.

01:33:08 Fri
Oct 26 2007

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Re: Blue on Blue

All the other guys at work think the house on top of it with the cannon is ridonculous, but I think it's very
Orky, in a crazy sort of way. It works simply because it's ridiculous, just like Orks!

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