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Deep Space :: Battle Reports :: Marines Vs Nids a blood bath for all....

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00:48:44 Mon
Oct 29 2007

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Marines Vs Nids a blood bath for all....

Having a friendly battle in my basement found "spooninurface" Marines coming into -Secure and Control- a small compound in a jungle setting...

1500 a side

Marines bring to bear:
Librarian and command SQ "true grit" i believe in a Rhino
Dev SQ 10 strong infiltrating
Dreadnought classic armament
Assault SQ
Landspeeder H Flamer, Multi melta
Tactical SQ 10 Strong
Scouts With Sniper Rifles

Tyranids swarm forward with:
Carnifex 1 C/C
Carnifex 2 Barb Strangler
Zoanthrope synapse creature
12 Genestealers
12 Genestealers
10 Guants Fleshborers
8 Gaunts Devoures
8 Hormoguants
Broodlord w/ Retuine 8 Stealers

So on set up we both deployed reasonably well spilting our heavy supports on each flank and troops all down the center

Infiltrators-- Broodlord sneaks up in behind a building... The Dv SQ dig in behind the second building and Scouts take a high perch on the Fuel dump guarding the wirlwind.

This is from memory forgot about pictures.

Marines go first

Landspeeder rips down the flank shooting at the C/C cari one wound suffered, devastators unleash on the Broodlords retuine, The dreadnought also hits the retuine, Assault SQ hits the Flesh guants, The Zoanthrope is taken down by the snipers. Whirlwind blasts some guants and Genestealers.

Nids turn

Carnifex C/C charges the Landspeeder squishy to that machine, flesh guants can't stand the freedom and run for the broodlord, the horde advances, Carni 2 shoots at the dreadnaught verneability steals the destroyed result its shaken, Horomguants assault the Dev SQ drawn assault.

Trun 2

Assault marines charge the carnifex flaming it and causing a wound then lost two brothers in the melee, Tact Sq fires into the Stealers, Dev Sq fights the Hormoguants killing a couple,
Rhino advances along the Dreadnoughts side starting to flak the nids.

Lictor comes onto the board assaulting the scouts, carnifex breaksfree of the assault mairnes and destroys the whirlwind, Flesh guants run for the Broodlord, Genestealers attack Charge the already locked Dev SQ many are lost only the Sergent survives after the hormoguants fight as well, 2nd stealers fall short of the Tact SQ, Devourer Guants take one Tact marine with thier fire, Carni 2 shoots at the rhino missing horribly and then charges the tank imobilising it,

Turn 3

Counter Charge by the Assault Marines into the stealers bringing thier numbers to 1/2, Tact SQ fires at the stealers killing 2, scouts fend off the lictor only losing 1 man lictor takes off (hit and run), Sergent of Dev SQ falls back outrunning all nids and regroups, Librarian and Command SQ disembark.. Librarian suffers perils of the warp some deamon drops him to one wound, command SQ shoots holes in the carnifex bringing it to 1/2 str, the counter charging Dreadnought rips the Carni in half with its Assault cannon.

Lictor assaults back on the scouts killing 2 then sucombs to its wounds dang scouts, carnifex tries to climb the fuel dump tower, Assault marines are finshed off by the genestealers who take off after the scouts too, hormoguants runn across the field to assault / tie up the command SQ, Stealers overun the Tact SQ who loses many memebers as the Devourer guants take potshots at them, Hormoguants are killed quickly seems these marines have truegrit,

Turn 4

Tact SQ take a few genestealers down before breaking and making a clean run to the tables edge millimeters from leaving the battle they hold the line, Dreadnaught swings around the building to clip a couple nids, Command HQ and librarian slip around the building to their lines and the librarian hits a guant and the broodlord survives.

The carnifex jumps the scouts and kills them both on the charge, Dev guants shoot the command HQ and come up with nothing, Flesh guants also miss out Marine saves doing well, Stealers run strait into the command HQ after the librarian takes one 4 marines fall.

Turn 5

Regrouping Tact SQ kill the Carnifex on the tower bridge, Command HQ kills a stealer one marine falls, Rhino truns to aid its SQ.

Brood lord rushes into the Stealer/command melee, Guants rush an objective, Leftover stealers free running attack the Tact SQ and kill them, More command SQ fall Stealers fall as well.

Turn 6

Dread backs the command HQ and takes out the broodlord after taking some damage, Libraian dies along with his SQ, 3 stealers reamain.

Stealers attack the rhino blowing it up following up into the Dreadnaught that the broodlord had previously immobilised!

Game ends in a Draw as we were out of enough of a gap in victory points a really fun game and Spooninurface was a formitable opponent can't wait to face off again!:thumbgreen:


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    Deep Space :: Battle Reports :: Marines Vs Nids a blood bath for all....

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