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14:29:08 Mon
Jun 5 2006

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Hold at all cost

A decisive battle was coming, so the farseer said. Nialos and his squad had a simple role. Recon around the perimeter of Vulcanis to ascertain the position of the Renegades. They had not moved more than a few kilometers directy out from the main force before they were ambushed.... and ambushing a squad of warp spider is not the easiest thing.

After a brief and fierce firefight, the enemy waqs down. A brief appraisal of the pile of fleshy gore left of they enemy identified it as Tyranid. Possibly a Lictor.

Nialos ordered one of his man to teleport straight up and assess the situation. Upon returning a heartbeat latter the aspect warrior announced what they had been all dreading... Tyranids, and lots of them... accompanied by at least one Carnifexe and a Huge Hierodule. They were creeping towards the main host, unseen. Which meant they were not ready to defend themselves.

a quick telepathic message reached the farseer. The host was too important for the main confrontation againt the forces of chaos... the ghost warriors would have to be left behind... the dead would defend the retreat of the living.

With only two squads of wraithguards in their transports, two wraithlords, the farseer and a battery of 2 D-Cannons, the fight would be short and bloody for teh defenders. Nialos made the decision to stay behind with the defenders and fight to the bitter end. A falcon seeing the resolve of the defenders decided to do the same.

Taking position the eldar could hear the bugs coming through the bush, the first casualty came when teh carnifex spotted a unit of rangers hiding in the underbrush and killed one of the three with his Venom Cannon. the two rangers left held their grounds.

The eldar rushed the bug lines, wanting to decide the terms of engagement, the return fire was mostly useless. The guided D-Cannons faile to hit once, every shot fired at the Hierodule only glanced his hard armored shell. Nothing seemed to be effective. The warp spiders came onto a squd of termagaunts and opened fire killing very few, The spiders then moved into the cover of teh forest. Both wraithlords moved inevitably forward seeking to protect the living eldar from the heaviest fire.

Te carnifex reopened fire onto the snipers, but the cover from the rocks saved them this time. The hierodule let his huge guns rip onto the falcon, the holo fields distracted the beast enough that it didnt score an important hit, the gunner was shaken, but the spirit of the dead eldar within the spirit stones of the tank took over the firing systems. The beast then charged the tank, making even more damaged and disengaging the control teh spirit had on teh tank. unable to fire the falcon flew away to safety and behind teh enemy lines. The wraithguards disembarked shooting into the carnifex and hierodule. The carnifex escaped harm but finally the hierodule was hurt.

The gaunts assaulted the spiders with the support of a few ripper swarms, hoping to hold them there until the close combat gaunts would get into teh fray. The spiders defended themselves gloriously, holding their ground, losing one brother but killing many gaunts in exchange. then pulled out. The wraithlord close buy, an ancient exrach of great power who had been put into a shell benefitting his station, opened fire onto the gaunts and rippers with both flamers before being assaulted by the warriors nearby and dispatching them. On the otehr side of the battle field, another honored hero of old, this one a farseer who also had a personified shell, held his ground against a winged hve tyrant. both combatants were half dead, but the stalemate did what litle else could. While the wraithlords held their grounds, the rest of the force disappeared, when all were to safety warlocks came out of seemingly nowhere and opened wraithgates under the wraithlords, taking all eldar to safety.

The day had been won, almost no eldar casualties, and the frustrated bugs now had humans in front of them to attack.

end Result: Draw.

Events are Cowards... They always gang up on you -Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere

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