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Deep Space :: Off Topic :: OT: American Election

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14:06:49 Thu
Nov 6 2008

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Re: OT: American Election

Quote: Steel_Paladin at 13:53:49 Thu Nov 6 2008

Quote: Giguerem at 13:29:17 Thu Nov 6 2008

The main difference is that we are far less destructive than the US and have little to no impact past our own borders, so even if we are misguided, we are (relatively) harmless.

Which is unfortunate, because we have a history of having had a rather large positive impact beyond our own borders despite our mid-sized nation status.

I blame this on a few factors:
1 - The Liberals traditional unwillingness to have a backbone in international affairs, so we let opportunities to make a difference go by because we don't want to "get wet"
2 - The Liberals traditional lack of enthusiasm for the Canadian Armed Forces, so even WHEN we might want to do something, we can't if it requires a 'strong arm'
3 - The complete lack of leadership in this country on a federal level. Let's face it, the most kick ass leader we've had in recent history has been Chretien and Trudeau before him and they were both Liberals (see point 1 and 2).

Trudeau has some cojones but was not really interested in anything but Canada and slaying the seperatists.

The days of Lester B. Pearson are long gone...(and BOTH his gov'ts were MINORITY gov'ts)

Mark Giguere

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14:16:55 Thu
Nov 6 2008

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Re: OT: American Election


Quote: Sargent_D at 01:42:40 Thu Nov 6 2008

I laregly agree with what Glendor Murgantis has to say, but I have a lot of hopeful expectations about what Obama can do for the U.S.

As an American, (living in Canada since 1982, dual citizen since 1988) we've taken a real beating with respect to our reputation and how people percieve us and it's been a really tough last 6 years or so with all the hateful things that have been said about us based on our president and his administration.

I don't blame Bush entirely for that, though. I really believe he's a good man who tried to do the right things under very tough circumstances, but he just listened to the wrong people and f**ked it all up. Iraq (Bush's "mission":wink: will ultimately succeed due largely to Bush's troop surge and maybe history will judge Bush more kindly than at present, but we'll see.
To lump him with the likes of Goering, Streicher, von Ribbentrop and gang by saying he should be hanged for war crimes is a little over-the-top, IMHO. Never-the-less, the Bush administration has severely damaged the reputation of both the United States and Americans, so I am looking forward to (hopefully) an Obama administation reversing all that damage.

Maybe now, all of America's nay-sayers, who like to drone on ad nauseam about how "backwards, racist, bigoted, socially regressive, unsophisticated, uneducated, stupid, etc"* Americans are, can just all STFU until THEY elect a black president/leader/head of state.

*yes, I've heard all of these things, most often by Canadians, who oddly pride themselves (excessively so) on how inclusive and accepting they are. :rolleyes:


Although, with expectations of Obama what they are, this could be the best or worst administration ever. There's a REALLY short leash for him.

Nick, tell me you voted, right?

Also, this orgasmic love affair some Canadians seem to be having with the man is a bit mis-guided. His plans, and intentions don't mesh, or in some cases outright contradict policies of Canadians. For instance: Afghanistan.

Canadians and Harper's government have extended to 2011. But no further. One of Obama's first jobs will be to convince NATO allies (us included) to increase our commitment way past our end date.


here's another article:

Look, I like that Obama won. His vision of America reminds me of the America I lived in. In a way its like getting an old friend back.

And, as much as many hate to say this, but a healthy, hopeful America is to our benefit.
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01:58:11 Fri
Nov 7 2008

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Re: OT: American Election

Quote: Giguerem at 13:49:34 Wed Nov 5 2008

still the better person won and taking thepower away from the Republicans was an important thing to do, but Obama still has to deliver some tangible results.

Don't get too attached to partisan politics as the lens through which to view how the world unfolds. Not all Republicans are bad people. Not all Democrats are good one. And the same applies to other parties as well.

When it comes to the argument of Conservative vs Liberal, I'm always reminded of this segment by Chris Rock. Note that this is a VERY NSFW clip (so kids... no clicking! :smile:), but his point resonates loudly: If you decide on an issue based on your partisan leaning rather than how you're personally swayed by the issue itself, you're going amiss.


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