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devilspawnRe: Image Hosting Suggestion
this one is pretty good too :glittery:

BanglesRe: Image Hosting Suggestion
this is the site i use ..it's pretty good u don't have to join up either...

glitterysparklesRe: Image Hosting Suggestion
If anyone wants an account, I have one they can use.

I signed up once, forgot the username, signed up again, and realised the original username...so if anyone wants an account, PM me and I can tell you the new username and password.

OR tell me how to cancel the bugger!
devilspawnRe: Image Hosting Suggestion
That image hosting site has been down for a good long while now.. if you want to you can try out this one instead.. its free and pretty simple: :smile:

devilspawnRe: Image Hosting Suggestion
Didnt see beforem .. such a cutie!!! :heart:
wilntaraschick1Re: Image Hosting Suggestion
cutie pie
XenogeistRe: Image Hosting Suggestion
Thanx for the tip Heidi & Aaron!

Here's a test pic of me a few years ago...

wilntaraschick1Re: Image Hosting Suggestion
im a doggy fan although cant be doing with the fur shedding woof woof
Mallory_heartRe: Image Hosting Suggestion
I like cats too, but they're evil. Honestly. They are. :angel:
LunabunnyRe: Image Hosting Suggestion
:shocked: Cats are lovely!! I can't wait to have my own house and buy a cat :smile:

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