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LunabunnyRe: How to add a sig:
Wahooo the thread works :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
fkbabeRe: How to add a sig:
oooh wow:hyper:
now i actually know how to add a sig :dance:
lilah_morganRe: How to add a sig:
checking to see if my sig works.
Angel_Dreamer28Re: How to add a sig:
IT WORKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy bouncing*
devilspawnRe: How to add a sig:
It sometimes takes a few posts before the sig shows up, also you gotto choose the sig when you post before you click submit. You choose down were it sais Post Options. :glittery:
Angel_Dreamer28Re: How to add a sig:
lol, thanks DS. I think I've got it...guess this post will be the truth-teller, won't it?:laughloud:

hmm....guess not...geez, what did I do wrong this time??


Damn! Not working! Gr, I'll play with it later...gotta go to school. *waves the not-so-happy flag* Don't wanna go to French today....
devilspawnHow to add a sig:
how to put in a sig: :smile:

1. Left click on the picture you want, then choose "properties" and a pop up with information about that picture will appear. Copy the URL from there.

2. Go to "Member Options" then "Edit signatures"
paste the URL into the bigger box. But you have to ad:

[IMG**] [/IMG**]

(for it to work you have to remove the ** )



(again, you have to delete all the ** for it to work)

3. Then choose a name for the sig in the first little box (this name is just so that you yourself can tell the sigs apart on the board)

4. Choose "Ad Sig"

5. Now when you make a post you should have it as a sig option below the box you normally write your messages in.


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