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devilspawnRe: chat board issues
www.tag-board.com was hijacked and they registed www.tag-board.biz until they can get the domain name back. So the chat went crazy. Now i changed to code to go to the new place and hopefully there will not be anymore problems :glittery:
wilntaraschick1Re: chat board issues
just incase anyone is wondering.. it will be bk up as soon as poss!!
lilah_morganRe: Can't see Chat Board
DM :hug: much better. see :biggrin:
DarkMage7280Re: Can't see Chat Board
Awww, Lilah, no reason for that. :hug:

Your concern was a valid one, and you didn't know the circumstances as to why the chat window's only visible on the main screen.
If something seems out of place, then one MUST mention about it.
This isn't a touchy subject, and nobody here meant to be rude.

Hmmm, gotta cheer Lilah up.

*splats a creampie on his head*

Did that work? Well, uh... Hey, PE!

theREALpureevil: Yo. What's up?

Splat this pie on your head, will you?

*PE looks at the pie, looks at DM, looks at the pie again, then splats it on DM's head*

Hehheh, amusing...
lilah_morganRe: Can't see Chat Board
why did i start this thread? i didn't know it was such a touchy subject. i feel horrible about it now. :sad2:
phases1Re: Can't see Chat Board
its all good aaron:hug: I myself have never had problems with it slowing me down ,,
DarkMage7280Re: Can't see Chat Board
It's cool.
I understand it's frustrating when people go: "Where's the chat window? IT DOESN'T WORK!" "Now it works but it's slow!" "Now I can't see it at all!" "Now it's back but it slows down my comp!" "Now I can only see it on the main screen!"

Kinda reminds of the experiment with the threads and their latests posts. Compromises have to be made with boards like these and they don't always please people.
Guilty as charged. :emb2:
LunabunnyRe: Can't see Chat Board
Oooh good idea :smile: Kinda wish you'd said sumamt though Aaron :tongue: :hug:
zillaslayerRe: Can't see Chat Board
Sorry for being snappish like that, I wasn't addressing anyone in particular.
DarkMage7280Re: Can't see Chat Board
Sorry, Aaron. Didn't mean to piss ya off.
Our connection is pretty high-speed, so without wanting to sound like an asshole, I don't always think of the dial-up people.
Let's leave it like this. That's my opinion.

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