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chmarxRe: Board Developments
Thanks sweetie. :phase::kiss:
phases1Re: Board Developments
I did not know that. But I think its awesome!
DarkMage7280Re: Board Developments
Lemme see that!

Hmmm, Charlie, if you're gonna Photoshop my head over Dagger's, at least airbrush her tits out.

MAL: WHAT????? (takes a look at the picture) Dagger, you BITCH! NOT AGAIN!

DM: Didn't Dru just give you a bj this morning?

MAL: That's an entirely different thing!

CHARLIE: How come?

MAL: It's... shut up!
chmarxRe: Board Developments
Hell, I've got pictures of you and Spike! :dance::dance::dance:
DarkMage7280Re: Board Developments
Anybody know why Charlie's walking around the mansion singing "The Power" by Snap?

"Ha! I've got you now, Darkie! I've got pictures of you, Patricia Clarkson, four dwarf girls and that lioness in the San Diego zoo!"

You don't scare me, Charlie, that could be anyone's ass. :monic:
chmarxBoard Developments
Most of you probably don't know this, but Devilspawn decided she'd like to make me an administrator. Mostly to keep an eye on things since I come here fairly often.

The ionly change I saw fit to make was that I paid so that we won't have ads for a while. I'm pretty sure I got a virus from an ad here, so good riddance to them.

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