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Help Please!!!!!!!!!! ( 15:24:58 MonSep 29 2003 )

I know this is kinda the wrong thread for this, but im new here, and the first thing i tried to do was go to the newbie forum and introduce myself!

One problem: It said i didnt have access to this forum, and i was like "awww, why?"

Can anyone explain why this happened? Like i said, newbie in the room, so any help is welcome!!!!

Thanx again xxxxxxxx

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Re: Help Please!!!!!!!!!! ( 15:31:59 MonSep 29 2003 )

QC, as you probably saw by now you only get admittance to the Shiny forum once you join and post. :smile:

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Re: Help Please!!!!!!!!!! ( 17:41:22 MonSep 29 2003 )

That's zilla, our resident "Angel" and I am his protector. He has a scientist voice and we love him so. :hug:


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Re: Help Please!!!!!!!!!! ( 19:27:08 MonSep 29 2003 )

I'm moving this thred to Sanctuary hope nobody minds. :smile:


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Re: Help Please!!!!!!!!!! ( 02:20:51 SunOct 5 2003 )

Well I mind!! But nobody asked me..:sad:

Just joking DS! :hug:


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