Best wait staff
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05:07:37 Tue
Aug 9 2005
Best wait staff
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17:10:12 Wed
Aug 10 2005
Re: Best wait staff
Idiots! Have none of you redneck hicks ever been to the Gamekeeper? Here's an idea: save up your cigarette and beer money for a month, turn off Jerry Springer, and go the Gamekeeper for a meal. Then you will see what a real wait staff is supposed to act like.

I guess the upside is that if all you yahoos make the Californians think that Hooters is the best wait staff we have in Boise, they won't move here!

00:26:44 Thu
Aug 11 2005
Re: Best wait staff
Not2C------ I've been to the Gamekeeper several times --- they smother you , I guess thats alright if you want to feel important . When in reality the only thing thats important is your money . I guess they got your money and made you feel important . Mission accomplished .
I personally don;t like to have our conversation interrupted to tell some waiter for the 4th time I don't need any water . I'm a grownup I know how to wave them down if I need something .
I could show you how it's done but then I'm a redneck , so you probably wouldn't listen .

00:32:07 Fri
Aug 12 2005
Re: Best wait staff
I agree with Colt.Sometimes the good waitstaff drives me nuts asking if everything is alright every three minutes.We have actually timed them.There is nothing like a nice meal and deep conversation that keeps getting interupted.Make a note waitstaff, back off.

20:32:58 Sun
Aug 14 2005
Re: Best wait staff
I will say that I can't say much for the Gamekeeper, I don't like to be smothered either. I will agree that Hooters is one of the worst places that I have ever been. My husband and I went there only once. I have said that I will never go back after I watched about 20 waitresses bound around the restuarant singing and dancing and not attending to a single table. I understand that is the point of Hooters to begin with but it took over an hour to get our food brought to us and we couldn't even get our waters filled because they were so busy dancing around. I can't say that it is a place that I will ever return to!

07:40:58 Sun
Aug 21 2005
Re: Best wait staff
hooters rocks...gamekeep a joke...

a-pplespees a joke too

i like a wait staff that comes to take your order, deliver ur food and come back to see if u need anything else twice.. and then bring ur bill...anymore and they can kiss my left ass cheek

Best wait staff
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