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Oct 20 2002

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Kiss and Make-Up (and Meeting KC) (12/6/2001) reprinted a review from the Ottawa Sun of Gene Simmons' book Kiss and Make-Up. Ian Nathanson writes:

On singer Karen Carpenter: "Where I had initially walked down with seduction on my mind, the truth is, sex was the last thing that either one of us wanted from the other that night." Mostly intellectual conversation. A miss.
According to Today In Kisstory, this happened August 2, 1976:

August 2nd

On this day in KISSTORY,

1976 - Kiss Destroys Indianapolis as they play a concert at the Market Square Arena in Indiana, and then after the show, back at the Hilton hotel Gene Simmons spends most of the evening with Karen Carpenter discussing groupies. Bill Starkey (founder of the Kiss Army) attends this concert.
The Carpenters Fan Club Newsletters confirm at least the date and city: #48 (May 1976) shows an August 2nd concert scheduled at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Simmons also describes the meeting in his interview with Goldmine Magazine (11/20/98):

[Ken Sharp] Lastly, Gene, I heard you met Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters back in the '70s. That sounds like an interesting match, fill us in.

[Gene Simmons] That's true. I really got along with her. She was terrific. She was fascinated by Kiss. She went to see the show that night because the next night The Carpenters were playing. She loved the show, was crazy about it. Never saw anything like it in her life. She called me in my room and said, "Come on down." I thought she wanted to play. So I left my guest in my room and I went downstairs and we sat for hours talking about stuff and music and just life. I was fascinated. There was not a sexual bone in her body that I ever got. She was also fascinated by the idea that there was a girl waiting for me upstairs. "Isn't she getting angry?" "No, she'll be fine, I'll make sure she's happy" She said, "and she just loves you because you're in the band?" "Yes." "Amazing!"

Other references: KISS in Goldmine!; - "Roll over, Wilt".



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