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07:20:53 Tue
Dec 17 2002

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Thinking of Time-space

Thinking of space-time can be really confusing if you think about it a lot. The key? Donít think so much, as is with most things. Go with your gut instincts. Thinking to much makes the head hurt and it confuses you even more. Most scientistís try to explain space-time with equations. There good and all, but in the process it makes things confusing for the everyday joe. When really it doesnít have to be. All time coincides with each other. Saying that I mean everything is happening at once, yet we donít realize it and when we try it slips through our fingers. So maybe I can break this down in easy to know terms. There is a reason that time travel is not a part of mainstream reality right at the moment. We as humans are so limited in what we think we know and understand we would instantly use time travel for negative cause. Yet who is to say what is negative to another person who thinks on a totally different level. Example: GTA: 3 is not a negative game for me because I know the difference. I know that you canít go out and shoot people and get kill and pop right back into okay health. Its just not in the cards right at the moment. But a person who knows nothing and lacks common sense would immediately start coming up with shit like, ď the game showed me the way of god AND I MUST THINK THAT I AM INVULNERABLE TO ALL THINGS AND I MUST GO ON A GIANT KILLING SPREE TO PROVE MY POINT.Ē I mean come on now. That person lacks common sense. So in time travel you must use common sense like all things in that matter. Going back to gain things that, Iíll put this in Jedi terms, are of the dark side of the force just isnít meant. I have come to know that all things in life is a lesson. A lesson to be learned and repaeted until learned. So is the way of the world. At least in my thinking it is. I canít say about anybody else because Iím not them. Now since I have wondered off the beaten track of why I am writing this I shall get back on track. Most prophets of old have been socially beaten because something they predicted didnít come true. Know thatís a good thing because most things predicted were of a destructive nature. So when a prophet is proved wrong it doesnít mean they were wrong yet it just didnít happen in this reality. Itís all up to the person who is believing. If the person believed with all there heart and soul that what the prophet said was true then it most likely happened for that person. I know it might be confusing but stay with me. Everybody controls there life. Whether it is present to them or not deep down every living soul is controlling there reality. Now to those who are thinking ď well then why canít I just go and do the things I want and get them now.Ē Well because there are rules to an extant. But they are your own rules that you have made up in your own life. Remember what I said about the darkside ofthe force. There truly is one. Itís in everybody. And here is were it is of the utmost imporatnce to control it. It tricks you. Yes it trickks you into believing things you donít want to believe and in that things that you really think is true. Anything can be true. But it all depends on the way that you think about something. Itís kinda like we got these little parental drones inside us that limits us so we donít take on so much at one time. But truly that is our future selves. It is letting us now the consequences of what we might do before we do it. But like Its not always in words that they speak to you.
Most of the time it is in feelings. But I think I should end this here and take some feedback before I continue. I donít want to confuse anybody if I havenít already.

02:56:27 Wed
Dec 18 2002

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Re: Thinking of Time-space

well,if yiou think bou time travel in ordianry thinking. there woukld have to be a reason to travel in time. say it is to know when you die. ok so u go back in time and figure that out. and go back to your own time. now think of this, if you already knew when you were gonna die would you have a reason to go into time in the first place and figure it out i don't think so. s in fact you wouldn't go anywhere in time besides the present in the first place.

04:01:36 Thu
Dec 19 2002

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Re: Thinking of Time-space

shouldn't this be in the science forum?


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