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11:27:34 Thu
Apr 28 2005

650 posts
Black Pope [mod]

I have seen the light!

God has spoken to me! He says that humans should not be populating this planet and that we should all turn Gay! All breeders should be shunned and persecuted by the Gay Right!

We must ban the teachings of heterosexuality in schools before all our children become sinful, dirty breeders! For God sayeth "Let man not lay with woman, but let man lay with man and woman lay with woman".

If you're a teen and having heterosexual thoughts, you can always call our 24 hour hotline at 1-SAVED-BY-GAY. Our operators are certified professionals and can help you be rid of your sinful breeder's tendencies! Every one-millionth caller gets a free pair of leather pants!

God wants you to be closer to him/her...that's right, God is a hermaphodite and only they may engage with either sex, for hermaphodites are trully blessed! But God hates breeders and all breeders will burn in hell, for that is the only way they can trully be flaming.

Now let us pray. Oh Lord, please find me a buff guy, but not too hairy. And please let his love trail be in a neat line because that's my preference...goatie is optional. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and I pray that you show more people your absolute love by bringing them into homosexuality.

"Imprint the memory into the consciousness. Rewrite the record....the thing you don't remember is the thing that didn't exist."

- Janus
16:32:38 Thu
Apr 28 2005

567 posts

Re: I have seen the light!

do you know theres a book written by gay evangelists that has something very similar written in it to that.

the book, which i could get hold of if requested, has a senario that homophobic christians are encouraged to read and imagine. this senario is that everything in the bible concerning sex is reversed, much like your saying above, where to be heterosexual in this, hypathetical, world is a great sin, and that only homosexuals are allowed to live in commited relationsjhips under holy matrinmony, where str8 people are not allowed to have children, and children can only be raised by gay parents, and any child who has str8 parents is bullied at school for being different. the same goes for str8 children themselves.

the book asks homophobic christians to imagine themselves living in that world as themselves, in some hope of making them realise the hell that themselves and their homophobic leaders put (US) gays and lesbiens through.

it is funny though, coz once i was told that if i wanted to find the truth about the existance of god or anything spiritual, all i had ot do was close my eyes, open my mind and heart, and ask.... and you know what happened? my guardian angel revealed itself to me and showed me all the wonders of the eather and the world around me, and reasured me that i am what i am for a reason, and there is nothing wrong, or unnatural about it; that i was set on this life path, and no matter what anyone in this life tries to to say or do to convince me otherwise, that i will find my destiny in this universe in my own time, and by my own means.


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