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21:22:21 Fri
Apr 11 2003

3434 posts
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Our Rules. Everyone Please Read!!

1. Use only ONE account name at this board. There's no point in having tons of members who are all the same person. Any extra accounts will be deleted from the member list.

2. Don't create an account and never use it. Is there really a point to it? New accounts will be allowed to stay for a week. If they are not used by then, they will be deleted. No one hit posters either. In other words don’t come in and say “HI” then never post again. It’s a waste of time.

3. No SPAMming. You can advertise your site, etc. in your sig.

4. No flaming or trolling. Let's not start fights. If you start one we will end it.

5. Don't cuss. If you absolutely HAVE to cuss, use symbols !@$%^&** as this is a family friendly board.

6. Please post in the appropriate forums. If a post is in the wrong place it will be moved to the correct one, so do not think the post was deleted. It may have just been moved.

7. This is a board about gardening and nature, so people who don't like the that shouldn’t waste their time here.

8. Signatures should not exceed 6 lines. Anything longer is ridiculous. Pics are welcome in sigs, but should not exceed 500x300 pixels.

9. No stupid posts or posts that are obviously meant to boost someone's post count. Anyone that posts just to increase the post count will be given the permanent name of ………….. If the flooding continues after this warning you will be banned. No one word posts like YES, NO, or OK. This is an obvious way to increase a post count. If you are going to post, please contribute meaningful information.

10. Posts don't have to have perfect spelling or grammar, but they should at least be understandable. Everyone makes mistakes and typos. But Typing lIeK dIz or l13k d1$ is verboten. In other words no net slang. Too many spelling or grammar errors will be pointed out.

11. Do not take the artwork on this board. Many of the pictures I have drawn myself and if you take them you will be hunted down and brutally beaten. Ask permission always. Do not link to any pictures that are here or on any other website. It will not be tolerated. Bandwidth theft is never good. If you want to use a picture get your own and put it on YOUR server.

12. No inappropriate pictures. Des will decide what is inappropriate, but definitely anything X rated will be deleted and you will be banned with no warning. That garbage will not be tolerated here.

13. DO NOT change the text in the subject line of a thread unless it has TOTALLY gone off topic.

14. Please do not start a thread just for your post count. For example: "Look, I just hit my 100th post." It's great if you are an active contributing member, but this is considered another way to up the post count.

15. Do not ask to become a Moderator or admin or how to become one. Des decides who will be Mods or admins based on how they post. Notice I said HOW not how much. Read rule #9 again. If you post just to up your post count and think this will make you a mod, think again. It will only get you banned. When a mod is needed, Des will decide who it will be and ask them through email or PM if they are interested in this.

16. Absolutely NO discussion about sexual preference, religion or politics. This is an easy way to start flame wars and to lose your friends. If you're a black, gay, nazi eskimo....good for you, but we don't want to hear about it here.

17. Do not start game threads. For example, name something about the person before you. Don't do it! I don't want to see that here. It's another way to increase post count, it's annoying, a waste of space and pointless. We had a forum for this on the old board, it didn't work out. No Games!

18. Troublemakers and annoyances are subject to banning after one warning. Usually. Obey the rules...OR ELSE! :wink:
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17:38:56 Thu
May 1 2003

3434 posts
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That's no reason to rip people's arms off, boy!

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User Levels

You reach a new level after you get a certain number of posts.

~ = after

~1 One Hit Poster
~2 Seed
~10 Sprout
~20 Seedling
~30 Cherry Tomato
~40 Brandywine Tomato
~50 Chives
~60 Sweet Pepper
~70 Hot Pepper
~80 Watermelon
~90 Cucumber
~100 Squash
~125 Gourd
~150 Pumpkin
~175 Sweet Corn
~200 Sweet Potato
~225 Tulip
~250 Crocus
~275 Morning Glory
~300 Passion Flower
~325 Passion Fruit
~350 Butterfly bush
~375 Foxglove
~400 Purple Coneflower
~425 Black Eyed Susan
~450 Sunflower
~475 Purple Martin
~500 Redwinged Blackbird
~525 Ruby Throated Hummingbird
~550 American Robin
~575 Bluejay
~600 Northern Cardinal
~625 Eastern Bluebird
~650 American Goldfinch
~675 Mourning Dove
~700 Bobwhite
~725 Northern Mockingbird
~750 Screech Owl
~775 Whip-poor-wil
~800 Downy Woodpecker
~825 Carolina Wren
~850 Chickadee
~900 Tufted Tit Mouse
~1000 Bald Eagle

People that have warnings will recieve the temporary title of ..............Those that have been banned will have the title ".........." and should not be responded to.

Moderators are ......... and Admins are .......... and both have scrolling titles.
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22:19:44 Wed
Sep 13 2006

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Re: User Levels

And in case you're wondering why is says spongebob in the url. This used to be a spongebob board at one time.

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