anyone purchased any accessories from makarov
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22:16:15 Fri
Nov 21 2003
anyone purchased any accessories from makarov
just wondering how the fit and finish was?? I was thinking about ordering the comp! any thoughts?

20:51:37 Sat
Nov 29 2003
Re: anyone purchased any accessories from makarov
man this is one slow arse site!! anyone want to talk about their guns.......mods.......etc.?? I haven't owned mine long but I've surfed every thread about them from here to russia! the new 3000 pistol is going to be sweet also! check out
for the pics!....sAweet! not a smg but cool and fast! I have some things ordered from makarov they should be in soon! I have some extra flash supressors,fake silencers etc......I will be trying out on mine! I 'll post some pics if anyones interested out there?? common guys lets get some feedback! I can't find anymore drozed decussion groupson the you guys know of any?? later guys!...............KC!:ohwell:

18:50:05 Fri
Dec 5 2003
Re: anyone purchased any accessories from makarov
OK HERE'S MY DROZD!! I added a eagle flash supressor with a welded on mount for the laser site! I also added a rail for maounting optics ........In case you haven't noticed the stock rail is to short and narrow for most optics so I added a 10/22 one! and also painted the stock olive drab! the body of the gun will more than likely be next! I also drilled holes in the front sight base! just to give it a little meaner apperance ! I did the resistor turn up to 900 works great!! I'm still skeamming on the idea of hooking up a larger co2 bottle but I need to order another clip first ! lol! well what do you guys think so far??:ohwell:

18:55:30 Fri
Dec 5 2003
Re: anyone purchased any accessories from makarov
the rail and sight!:rolleyes:

18:08:15 Mon
Feb 2 2004
Re: hi sir can you help meeee
dear sir
while i was searching about compnys dealing with air gun to sooting star i found your compny .tow month ago i sent three e_mails but i did not have anwer abut felt man air guns ' tommy gun ' new style and the old style .i need some information :- the address in . u.s.a and the prices for the models for your compny and how we can buy your predict and how you can ship them to jordan and how i can deal with your compny and the polities for your guns . please can you anwser my e_mail and sent me your fax and your phone nomber
so i contact you by the fax or be the phone .
thank you very much

yours sincerely
ramadan shelbayeh

my address :-
amman - jordan
mobile :- 00962/796642908
phone :- 00962/4787413
fax nomber :- 00962/4140484
b.o.x :- 430069
b.o.code :- 11143

06:45:11 Mon
Feb 16 2004
Re: anyone purchased any accessories from makarov
I would like to purchase some things from the
Makarov site, but they do NOT return my emails!!!
I've emailed them the first time back in October of '03
no reponse ever received and I've even emailed them again
TWICE! So for the total of three emails over a month's
time, and I've still not heard back from them. I think
they're just a bunch flakes. I don't know how they mangae to stay in business... Anyway goto the website,
order yoour accesories from them, I did and will continue
to do so.

anyone purchased any accessories from makarov
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