Sergey's boards 2017/2018
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22:03:26 Tue
Dec 19 2017
Sergey's boards 2017/2018
Hello everyone.

I'm glad to remind you the boards are still available. Now with 4K maximum RPM.

"Christmas edition" (board with white display) is available too.

Contact me at:
e-go [you-know-what] inbox [dot] ru

or talk to Mason in case you need a board ASAP:

masondawson2 [you_know_what] gmail [dot] com

With best wishes for the 2018,

05:10:59 Fri
Dec 22 2017
Re: Sergey's boards 2017/2018
Let me show you two I built very recently. He is a very happy boy.

12:35:37 Mon
Mar 12 2018
Re: Sergey's boards 2017/2018
Here is a suggestion for a feature: adjustable magazine duty cycle. I would sure like to increase mine just a little bit. What I refer to is the amount of time the magazine runs after the trigger is released, and how long it runs when the gun powers up. Increments of say, 10 microseconds more on each? Or up to one extra second on each?

Sergey's boards 2017/2018
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