Is Drozd a Novelity or lasting fun?
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20:15:26 Sun
Mar 21 2004
Is Drozd a Novelity or lasting fun?
I am interested in getting a Drozd and wondering if you owners continue to shoot and enjoy it or is it a novelity item and has the novelity worn off for you?
I shoot firearms but don't have any airguns and don't know what to expect with the Drozd.
I can buy nice pistols (makarov, CZ52, etc) for about half the price of the Drozd.
I guess I don't want to buy a Drozd and then find it not as fun to shoot as my other firearms. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks,

22:01:35 Sun
Mar 21 2004
Re: Is Drozd a Novelity or lasting fun?
Shooting has been, continues to be, and will probably always elicit a passion of interest in my repertoire of hobbies. I own over 20 firearms of all calibers, makes, and models with leanings toward the so-called "assault" rifles. I have lived on small acreages and farms for 25 years of my life with built-in shooting ranges. I reload my own shells. I've owned live machine guns (none currently). I doubt the Bumble Bee will ever replace that slice of life's pie for me.

However, there isn't one of my lovely metal flinging machines that I can safely shoot in my office whenever I want to. When the daily frustrations and stress need a tad of release, I simply slap in a CO2 and ratta tat at a carpet stuffed box in the corner without concern...grin...then go on about my work. I can't do that with my firearms. ...And shooting off 120 rounds costs me only about 60 cents for the joy instead of the ten bucks an equivalent number of reloads for a 9mm would cost me.

For me, it isn't meant to replace. It enhances. It is extremely entertaining. ...And it actually teaches good trigger discipline.

If a perp kicks in the door to my home, I won't be going for the Drozd Bumble Bee but having shot thousands of rounds out of it will certainly better prepare me for what will do the stinging if forced into the position.

It surely holds a place of honor in my collection.

Anybody else?

23:35:22 Sun
Mar 21 2004
Re: Is Drozd a Novelity or lasting fun?
olpistolpacker - I agree. I own several firearms - lean towards the "military-style" ones, and shoot regularly. I live in a rural area, but I'm still limited to shooting airguns only in the back yard. I have to drive 1 mile down the road to shoot everything else at a landfill (where I also happen to work. I never run out of interesting targets.)

The Drozd fills that "empty gap" when I just want to walk out back and put holes in something. My daughter and I will have a lot of fun this summer with it.

I wouldn't consider it a "novelty" to me. It hangs on the wall next to my firearms in my gun room. If a person enjoys target shooting, he will enjoy the Drozd. It's 200 bucks well spent.

07:10:37 Mon
Mar 22 2004
Re: Is Drozd a Novelity or lasting fun?
It had been a while since I had shot a BB gun when I got my Drozd. At first it felt WAY under powered. I was disappointed then I shot it at a steel gong 50 yards away and the BBs veered all directions or fell short. I was also somewhat disappointed when I started to notice a drop in power half way through my first clip with a fresh CO2.
The Drozd effective range is really only abou 20 yards, MAX. Perfect for lining up empty cans 15-20 yards out and letting it rip. But once I got used to the idea that it was a BB gun, and not a "real" gun, it was a lot more fun.

03:50:08 Tue
Mar 23 2004
Re: Is Drozd a Novelity or lasting fun?
I am feeling exactly like the last couple of posts. The Drozd definitely has a warm place in my heart, mostly because it is a legal full-auto without expensive Class III paperwork. And it is cheap and convenient to shoot, and relatively safe. Garage target shooting is fun, certainly a cheaper way to control stress than medication. Sure it is a “bb-gun,” but I feel comfortable letting my daughter learn to shoot with it. I can’t say that about my HBAR AR-15, that gun has way too much learning curve for a novice youth shooter. Since, I live in the “big city”; I have to travel pretty far to find a peaceful place to fling lead.

Although, this isn’t the forum, if I had to choose between a Drozd (an airgun) or a Makarov (a real firearm), I would choose the Drozd, it is a state of the art airgun, and I have never seen anything like it. No offense to Makarov owners, but that gun is yesterday’s gun technology and it is (usually) chambered in a grossly underpowered round. Yet, as a handgun it is regulated by a whole host of rules that don’t apply to the Drozd. If you want a handgun and all the hassles that come from ownership, save your money and buy a real one (ala Glock, Beretta, Colt, S&W, H&K etc.) This is coming from someone who has owned the cheap stuff and got sick of the poor performance and saved my money and bought something nice (a CZ-75.) Just my humble opinion and I know some will beg to differ.

Is Drozd a Novelity or lasting fun?
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