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11:35:37 Fri
Jul 6 2012

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Re: Drozd Blackbird "Sergey's board - 2" (9-24V, 400-2000 RPM, Full auto, 4-12 m

Quote: camracer at 10:17:20 Tue Jul 3 2012

Quote: cripskillz at 04:35:45 Tue Jul 3 2012

done ripppe the crap out of it few times now,, deff best bb gun i got ,, lol better than some of my real guns lol..

ill add my internal lazer sight n flash light b e done next..,, stilll need to make buttons... workin on owning my first ultralight here by end of year weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....then ill mount em to wings n hunt ducks from air,, :rotflmao:

I'd LOVE to have an ultralight aircraft of some sort. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to build a one man helicopter! Wonder what kind of trouble you could get in mounting airguns "James Bond" style to an ultralight... :lol:

I used to work for a guy building Benson KB2 Gyrocopters, the same as the "Little Nellie" in the James Bond movie. He fabricated most of it not to the kits, though. For instance, he welded the airframes, instead of bolting them together, because he could. This is where we had a problem. Instead of using plywood for the tail surfaces, he fabricated his from aluminum. When I pointed out that this would make them theoretically unsound to fly (and he had issues with flyabilty, they were twitchy), because he had made airfoils, that gave lift where none should be (not the center of balance), and described what should happen: when the foreward airspeed finally reaches the "stall speed" for his airfoil, it probably just flip over upside down, and it'll want to porpoise wildly as the speed changes below that. This fit problems he had perfectly, unknown to me. When he realized that I was right, well that was pretty much the end of me working there. I was the lowest man on the proverbial totem pole, admittedly, I was the last person in the shop that should have caught that before anyone else did. But boy, the work he did was absolutely beautiful, easy on the eyes, allbeit not so much on the controls. I think it only made matters worse that I had the solution, too: make the horizontal stabizers symmetrically pitched, like the vertical one is, no more lift= safe to fly again. "Fuck you wiseass, you're fired."
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