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07:08:22 Fri
Dec 30 2016

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Re: New .22 Subsonic

Quote: Parellax at 05:09:39 Wed Dec 28 2016

Right. I knew you would know how to clear up my misinformation. I'm sure there were some folks out there who actually beleived my statement. I bet even more researched it finding me full of crap on the issue. The majority knows I am a bullshitter unless it comes down to the topic at hand.

I like your point about the analogy. That's the building blocks of trust. Any relationship is entered lopsided. It's always a good idea to not shit where you eat. I am reminded of the phrase I have been recently reacquainted with, "Fuck me once, shame on you. Fuck me twice, shame on me."

Happy New Year!:smash:

I had several Japanese PS2's over the years, developer's consoles, mostly, and they have an English language option in their bios. Aside from the fact that they only want to play Japanese games, the big difference is that they reverse the functions of "X" and "O". When people would ask me why that is, I would tell them, "Well, 'X' is 'execute', right? Well it doesn't rhyme when you say it in Japanese, so I guess to them 'X' says cross it out, and a circle represents completion." "Oh", they would tell me. Then I would break it to them, "Actually, I haven't the slightest why, I just made that up since it sounds like it makes sense." But the funny thing is that usually, they would agree, that does sound like it makes sense, and probably is why. At any rate, it was good enough to satisfy their curiosity, always, fiction or not.

And just to be a gigantic penis, I would leave it in Japanese language mode, and not tell them that the buttons are reversed, once they can no longer read that on the screen. I wouldn't bother telling them that there is no way on god's green earth their games are ever going to play on it, either. It left them dazed and confused. I know, I'm a penis.....
Or when they ask me why my ps2 won't play dvd's, and I'd tell them flatly, "I don't own a ps2." That would fuck with them. When they finally got to "then what the fuck is that, then?" "That's a ps2 software developers debugging tool, can't you read? Does it say 'ps2' on it anywhere? YOURS says 'ps2' right on the top of the cover. If you were paying attention, you would notice that mine says 'TEST', instead. And why doesn't it play dvd's? Because it's not an entertainment console, it's a tool, and the people that use them at the software companies don't get paid or go to work to watch movies, they go to work to work, to develop and debug software, there is absolutely no reason for that machine to do that, that's why". That really messed with them.
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Can you believe TRUMP WON? I thought for sure the wicked witch of the western world had bought and paid for it, go figure. I am so glad she failed. Trump is actually the second best possible "of anyone" I would pick, the first being Gov. Ventura, but he doesn't seem interested in running for the job.

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