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19:16:38 Thu
Sep 1 2016

Re: i knew it, i told you so!

I wonder how long it took them before they realized they wouldn't be able to buy bullets either.
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08:39:31 Thu
Sep 1 2016

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i knew it, i told you so!

BYE BYE SECOND AMENDMENT FOREVER, our Communist In Chief finally did it, he couldn't ban the guns, so that motherfucker found a way to ban the bullets!

Welcome to the UNITED POLICE STATES OF AMERICA, "we are watching everything you do! We have all the guns and all the power, so WE MAKE THE RULES, now!"

I just stocked up on ammo, and would advise you all to get while the getting is good, we are about to go into a permanent ammo shortage. Thanks again, Obama Bin Laden, our great "Communist In Chief"!
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I think we need to seriously consider the terrible price that was paid for the freedoms we seem to take for granted, because our government is relieving us of them at an exponential rate.

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