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13:13:41 Sun
May 14 2017

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Re: Blackbird - Full Auto @ 2,800 RPM!

Neat laser. But check out what I built, my laser night vision sight. I built the actual laser from scratch using a dual wavelength diode that used to be a CD/DVD burner. CD's and DVD's use different wavelengths: The DVD uses 650nm, or bright red, while CD's use a 780nm laser, in the infrared, that is pretty much invisible to the naked eye. I can switch it back and fourth between them, and the actual sight is an old gen 1 night vision scope, which sees the infrared just fine. But in that mode, ONLY the scope can see the laser. Cool, huh?

"If you light a man a fire, you'll keep him warm for a night, but if you light a man on fire, you'll keep him warm for the rest of his life!"
18:25:39 Wed
Apr 19 2017

Blackbird - Full Auto @ 2,800 RPM!

I loved tuning and had a lot of fun playing with this, but it's time to move on to a new project.

Upgraded to an Apex board - Selective rate of fire up to 2,800rpm (works really well at 2,000rpm), LCD display, electronic lock-out, burst selector from 1-10, then Full Auto, Selective Solenoid Dwell Time.
- Internals Tuned, including Magnet Mod
- Upgraded Motor
- Upgrade Metal Magazine Brace Latch Plate supplied, waiting for install
- Metal Adapter to allow a Remote Hose
- Remote Hose with on/off Valve
- Metal Adapter to allow HPA bottle to be directly attached
- HPA bottle with tuned regulator to optimize airflow efficiency
- 5 x 3.7v LiIon AA sized Rechargeable Batteries (higher voltage allows the higher RPM and improves consistency)
- 1 x AA sized battery spacer
- LiIon Charger
- All the OEM stuff I removed.

Here is a link showing more pictures and a video of the electronics operation Pictures and Video

I'd like $900 Shipped for everything, minus the laser that's mounted on it. I'm on the BOI, and accept PayPal Personal, or add their fees. email me at pirellip_at_gmail_dot_com

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